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Student Spotlight

Fall 2010 NRESS Student Seminars

The Seminars will be on Wednesdays 12:10-1:00 or Thursdays from 12:40 – 1:30 PM in James G49. All speakers this semester are currently enrolled as NRESS students.

Pizza or baked potato bar will be served on an alternating schedule. Please RSVP to Deana Aulisio, NRESS Student Seminar Coordinator, by Thursday morning before each presentation.

Thursday, September 16

Martha Carlson, Focusing the Thesis Topic: 5 areas of interest, 1 dramatic event, 3 fields of interest, what to choose: A forest researcher/climate change observer encounters a PAN event.

Thursday, September 23

Serita Frey, NRESS Program Chair, Listening Session

Thursday, September 30

Emily Klein, Dynamic marine ecosystems: Connecting the past with the present via ecosystem modeling and time series analysis.

Wednesday, October 6

Elizabeth Burakowski, The impacts of land cover change on wintertime surface albedo in the northeastern US: Warmer winters through reforestation?

Thursday, October 14

Lina Saavedra Diaz, Thinking about how to manage small-scale Marine Fisheries in Colombia.

Wednesday, October 20

Alix Contosta, Microbial, and Biogeochemical Response to Simultaneous Warming and Nitrogen Deposition.

Thursday, October 28

Mimi Szeto, Preparing for an Academic Career in the GeoSciences held by SERC, Carleton College

Wednesday, November 3

Cyndy Carlson, Efficiency, Sustainability, and Walkability – Promoting Cost-Saving Measures that Improve Life in a Community.

Wednesday, November 10 TBD
Wednesday, November 17

Katelyn Dolan, Looking at the sensitivity of forest vegetation structure and carbon stocks to disturbance over spatial and temporal gradients.

Wednesday or Thursday, December 1 or 2 TBD
Wednesday, December 8

Claire Treat, Modeling permafrost stability in peatlands with climate change and disturbance.