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Student Spotlight

Fall 2009 NRESS Student Seminars

The Seminars will be on Tuesdays from 12:40 – 2 PM in Spaulding 220. All speakers this semester are currently enrolled as NRESS students.

Pizza will be served!
Please RSVP to Cyndy Carlson, NRESS Student Seminar Coordinator, by Tuesday morning before each presentation.


30 September

Jay Clausen, "Energetic Compound Transport: Soil to Groundwater? Lessons Learned"  
Jay will summarize research conducted over the last decade assessing whether energetic compounds are released to the environment during military training and the behavior of identified compounds in the environment.

7 October


14 October

Deana Aulisio, "The Governor’s Climate Change Task Force Process: Energy and Efficiency Solutions for the State of New Hampshire"
Deana has been working at the NH Dept of Environmental Services Air Resources Division since May to help develop the Climate Change Action Plan due in December to Governor Lynch.

21 October

Adam Smargon, “Don’t Save the Planet! Differing Perspectives on Sustainability”
Exactly why do we care about environmental issues? Should we care in the first place? Is anything really wrong with the planet? Is there a selfish side to the modern environmental movement? This talk will explore the mindsets of different environmental thinkers, as well as ask questions that don't necessarily have easy or simple answers.

28 October

Tim Algeo, USDA, "The USDA’s National Rabies Management Program"
Tim will discuss aspects of the USDA, APHIS, Wildlife Services National Rabies Management Program and his work as a Wildlife Biologist and Program Analyst at the USDA’s rabies program.

4 November

Dr. George Hurtt, NRESS Chair. 
This is an informal lunch with Dr. Hurtt to discuss the NRESS Program.  Topics to explore will be left to the group that attends but may include: how we can improve the sense of community, how he sees students should be progressing in the program, how they are progressing in reality and what the challenges are, etc. 

11 November

Veterans Day - No Seminar

18 November

Kalle Matso, “Rethinking how federal research agencies spend their cash: New ideas for greater societal impact”
Coastal managers and scientists often note that a lot of excellent research is not effectively applied to solve pressing problems. This talk will discuss why that might be, what agencies could potentially do about it, and how we can assess if these new methods are actually making a difference. This will be a practice proposal defense talk.

25 November

Dan Hocking, “The Role of Salamanders in Ecosystem Functions: A Proposal”
This will be a practice proposal defense talk.  Dan’s research focuses on understanding the affects of salamanders on processes such as decomposition and nitrogen cycling.

2 December

Philip Nuss, "The East Asian Seas Regional Coordinating Unit (EAS/RCU) of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - Lead agency for marine environmental matters in East Asia"
The talk will discuss an internship Philip did with the UNEP Regional office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP) in Bangkok, Thailand.

9 December

Dovev Levine-Leung, "Campus Climate Action"
Dovev will present an assessment of political obstacles to campus climate action.  Findings of the work will add to the literature on civil society responses to climate change.