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Student Spotlight

Environmental Sciences Fall 2010 Seminar Series:
Regional Science and Regional Challenges

Updated 11/30/10

The Fall Environmental Sciences Seminar Series is sponsored by the NRESS Ph.D. Program, the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, the Institute for the Study of Earth Oceans and Space (EOS), the Environmental Research Group, the UNH Sustainability Academy, the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, and the Department of Earth Sciences.

These seminars are open to the public and will be held Thursdays at 4:00 pm with refreshments at 3:40 pm in DeMeritt Hall 240, unless otherwise noted.

September 16

CLEAN-NE and the Climate Literacy Network Presentation
Tamara Ledley, Senior Scientist, TERC

September 23

Mixing and Water Quality in Long Island Sound Presentation
Jim O'Donnell, Professor of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut

September 30

Ecological Determinants of West Nile Virus Persistence and Intensity
Shannon LaDeau, Community Ecologist, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

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October 7

Economic Consequences of Pollinator Declines: A Synthesis
Dana Bauer, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Environment, Boston University

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Erosion of Salt Marsh Boundaries
Sergio Fagherazzi, Associate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, Boston University

October 21

Hydroclimatic Flood Trends in New England and Atlantic Canada: Insights from Long Stream Gauge Records
Mathias Collins, Hydrologist, Gulf of Maine Restoration Oversight, Restoration Center, NOAA Fisheries Service: Northeast Regional Office

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October 28

Hydrologic Change at Hubbard Brook Induced by Soil Calcium Amendment
Mark Green, Assistant Professor of Hydrology, Center for the Environment, Plymouth State University and Research Hydrologist, Northern Research Station, US Forest Service

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November 4

Maine's Sustainability Solutions Initiative: A novel strategy for understanding and strengthening connections between knowledge and action Presentation
David Hart, Research Leader, Sustainability Solutions Initiative; Director, Senator George J. Mitchell Center; Professor, School of Biology and Ecology; and Founder, Institute for Potamological Biofluiddynamics, University of Maine

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November 11

Veterans Day

November 18

Climate-Carbon-Nitrogen Cycle Interactions in Temperate Forests: The Role for Organic Nitrogen in Carbon Uptake and Storage
Adrien Finzi, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Boston University

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November 25


December 2

Climate Change and Migratory Birds in the Americas and Africa-Eurasia: Findings, Uncertainties and New Directions in Research
Nick Rodenhouse, Professor of Biological Sciences, Wellesley College

December 9

Boston's Urban Metabolism Presentation
Nathan Phillips, Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environment, Boston University