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Student Spotlight

Environmental Sciences Fall 2007 Seminar Series

Updated 11/01/07

The Environmental Sciences Seminar is sponsored by the NRESS Ph.D. Program, The Department of Earth Sciences, The Department of Natural Resources and The Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space (EOS).

These seminars are open to the public and will be held Thursdays at 4pm with refreshments at 3:30 pm in James Hall 303, unless otherwise noted.


13 September

"The Global Crisis of Seagrass Decline"
Dr. Fred Short, UNH Professor of Natural Resources and Marine Science, UNH NRESS Ph.D. Program Chair

20 September

"The Biocomplexity of River-road Networks and Human Behaviors"
Dr. Todd Crowl, Department of Aquatic, Watershed and Earth Resources, Utah State University

27 September

"An Oceanographer Looks At Amino Acid Cycling in Soils: Why Dont' The Soil Bacteria Do Their Job?"
Dr. John Hobbie, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole

4 October

"Tropical Forests and Global Change:  New Strategies for Reducing CO2 Emissions from Deforestation."
Dr. Daniel J. Zarin, Professor of Tropical Forestry, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida

11 October

"Exploring A Plant-Soil-Mycorrhiza Feedback In A Temperate Forest"
Dr. Nina Wurzberger, Postdoctoral Associate, Princeton University

18 October

"Watching Rapid Ice Loss In West Greenland"
Dr. Mark Fahnestock, Research Associate Professor of Glaciology, Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS)

25 October


1 November

"Solute Sources and Storm Flowpaths in a Tropical Watershed"
Dr. Andy Kurtz, Boston University Department of Earth Sciences

8 November

No seminar today

15 November

"Biogeochemistry Of Suburban Basins-Putting People Into The Landscape"
Dr. Bill McDowell, UNH Professor of Water Resources Management, UNH Dept of Natural Resources, Director of New Hampshire Water Resources Research Center

22 November

No Seminar - Thanksgiving

29 November

"Optical Properties of Absorbing Aerosols As A Function of Relative Humidity"
Dr. Meg Greenslade, Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry, UNH Dept of Chemistry

6 December

"Mycorrhizae and C/N Dynamics in Semiarid Ecosystems: Integrating Rapid Sensors, Pattern Analysis, and Isotopic Data"
Dr. Michael F. Allen, Chair, Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology Director, Center for Conservation Biology, University of California Riverside, CA