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Student Spotlight

Dovev Levine

Ph.D. Student Profile: Dovev Levine

Degree: Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
Political Science

Research Topic: The Impact of External Regulatory Environments on Renewable Energy Usage in the Higher Education Sector

Advisor: Dr. Stacy VanDeveer

Description of Research

This research aims to assess the impact of external regulatory environments on renewable energy usage efforts by higher education institutions (HEIs). Specifically, it focuses on state and municipal-level laws and regulations that impact HEI efforts to use renewable energy. This research hypothesizes that external laws and regulations impact whether HEIs achieve their renewable energy use goals. I will use a combination of surveys, case studies and document review in order to analyze this research question.

Selected Presentations and Publications

B.A., University of New Hampshire (2001)
M.S., Northeastern University (2003)

Professional Positions

Academic Counselor, UNH Graduate School