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Student Spotlight

Ph.D. Student Profile: Cynthia Kallenbach

Degree: Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
Natural Resources and the Environment

Research Topic: Biogeochemical processing of plant carbon in agricultural soils with an emphasis on the affects of land-use legacies, carbon quality, and microbial communities


Advisor: Dr. A. Stuart Grandy

Selected Presentations and Publications

C.M. Kallenbach and A.S. Grandy. In Review. Controls over soil microbial biomass responses to carbon amendments in agricultural systems: a meta-analysis. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment

C. M. Kallenbach, W. R. Horwarth, and D. Rolston. 2010. Cover Crops affect soil CO2 and N2O emissions differently depending on the type of Irrigation. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment. 137: 251-260.


M.Sc. Soil Biogeochemistry, University of California, Davis 2008
M.Sc. International Agricultural Development, University of California, Davis 2007
B.S. Geography, Sonoma State University, 2001

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