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Student Spotlight

Current Ph.D. Students

Student Name Degree Advisor Dissertation Topic or Title
R. Paul Acosta EES Matthew Huber Past, present and future climate variability using global climate and weather forecasting models
Rosa Affleck* NRES Kevin Gardner The Influence of Social and Cultural Environment on Construction Projects for Sustainment of Infrastructure
Mark Anthony NRES Serita Frey

Interactions between non-mycorrhizal plants and mycorrhizal fungi in forest and agricultural soil

Lesley Atwood* EES Richard Smith Agroecosystem resilience: Soil Foodweb Dynamics and Ecological Resiliency in Agroecosystems
Kimberly Aviado EES Julie Bryce/
Sam Mukasa
The role of water and volatiles in rift systems such as the East African Rift and the West Antarctic Rift
Olivia Bartlett EES Mark Ducey  
Amanda Beal NRES John Carroll Natural resource considerations in food production
Richard Brereton* EES William McDowell Exploring nitrogen dynamics in the river network of a tropical watershed, Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico
Lauren Breza NRES Stuart Grandy  
Sophia Burke EES Ruth Varner  
Jonathan Buzan* EES Matthew Huber Characterizing human heat stress in the context of climate change
Rory Carroll EES Marian Litvaitis Bobcat ecology in New England
Ryan Cassotto* EES Margaret Boettcher Outlet glacier behavior using a ground based portable RADAR interferometer
Andy Colter* NRES Mark Ducey Use of the knowledge-based Arc Soil Inference Engine (ArcSIE) with 1m Lidar inventory to establish Ecological Type relationships for landscapes typical of Forests in the Northeast U.S.
Peter Conklin NRES John Carroll Sustainability Curriculum for Community Colleges
Amanda Daly* EES Stuart Grandy Soil Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry in Sustainable Agriculture
Abigail D'Ambrosia* EES William Clyde The use of stable isotopes in fossil mammal teeth to study paleoclimatological and paleobiological changes across extreme global warming events in the early Eocene
Alyson Eberhardt* EES David Burdick
Wetland restoration
Maria Florencia Fahenstock EES Julie Bryce/
Ruth Varner
Impacts of climate change on mercury cycling in wetland and arctic ecosystems
Jennifer Felt NRES Semra Aytur  
Maria Fenwick NRES Mark Ducey  
Katherine Gillman NRES Jeffrey Foster Population dynamics of bat species impacted by white-nose syndrome in the northeastern United States
Heather Grybas NRES Russell Congalton  
Jose Gutierrez-Lopez NRES Heidi Asbjornsen Ecohydrological impacts of the production of feedstocks for bioenergy in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil
Christopher Hunt EES Joseph Salisbury Transfers of carbon and alkalinity from terrestrial and estuarine sources to the coastal ocean
Mary Jensen NRES John Carroll Systemic effects of reducing food waste, particularly in institutional settings
Andrea Jilling EES Stuart Grandy The potential bioavailability and agronomic relevance of mineral-associated organic nitrogen
Natalie Kashi EES Ruth Varner Peatland Ecology; Wetland Ecosystem Ecology; Nutrient Cycling
Lauren Koenig* EES William McDowell Scaling C and N transformations and fluxes in tropical streams in Puerto Rico
Brooks Kohli EES Rebecca Rowe Small mammal community ecology, landscape ecology
Emily Kyker-Snowman EES Stuart Grandy Modeling soil microbial carbon use dynamics on local and global scales
Ryan Lawrence EES Ruth Varner  
Allison Leach NRES John Aber The impact of human consumption patterns and food production methods on nitrogen losses to the environment
Natalie Lounsbury NRES Richard Smith  
Jeffrey Malloy NRES Stacy VanDeveer Comparative Environmental Politics, Climate Change Governance
Mashkoor Malik* EES Larry Mayer Multibeam Sonar Data Processing
Cameron McIntire NRES

Heidi Asbjornsen

Interactive effects of fungal pathogens and climate change on forest health
Eric Morrison* EES Serita Frey Environmental change affects fungal community structure and function
Pamela Moyer* EES Margaret Boettcher Investigating Earthquake Rupture Processes from Source Parameters at Mid-Ocean Ridge Transform Faults and Deep South African Gold Mines
Ashley Norton EES Semme Dijkstra Development of acoustic methods for discerning and describing eelgrass beds in Great Bay
Andrew Ouimette* EES Scott Ollinger
Understanding the nitrogen nutrition of forest trees: carbon costs, mycorrhizal fungi, and stable isotopes
Mark Reinhold NRES William Clyde The significance of hard-part microstructure on survival during extinction events
Kiley Remiszewski EES Julie Bryce

The impact of mycorrhizal fungi on mineral weathering

Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona NRES William McDowell C and N coupling in streams
Michael Simmons EES Thomas Lee Factors and interactions associated with decline of red pine forests in New England
Katherine Sinacore NRES Heidi Asbjornsen/
Theodore Howard
Ryan Stephens* NRES Rebecca Rowe The impacts of land-use legacies on small mammal community dynamics in forested landscapes
Matthew Tarr NRES John Litvaitis UNH Songbirds & Invasive Shrubs Project
Nathan Thorp EES Erik Hobbie Fungal Ecology, Mycorrhizal Symbiosis, Nutrient Acquisition, Stable Isotopes
Yusi Turell NRES Stacy VanDeveer Social impact and impact investing in community development finance
Christopher Whitney EES Wilfred Wollheim  
Jennifer Wilhelm* NRES Richard Smith Agricultural expansion and farm viability in New Hampshire
Lindsey Williams NRES Thomas Safford Factors influencing individual and organizational decision-making around water
Kamini Yadav NRES Russell Congalton Accuracies, Errors, and Uncertainties of Global Cropland Products
Shantar Zuidema* EES J. Matthew Davis Use of stable isotopes and distributed hydrologic modeling to investigate ground water/surface water interactions in the face of a changing climate

* At Candidacy: Student completed all coursework required by his/her committee, completed and orally defended the comprehensive exam and written and publically defended his/her proposal.