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Student Spotlight

Ph.D. Student Profile: Alyson Eberhardt

Degree: Earth and Environmental Sciences
Natural Resources and the Environment

Research Topic: Salt marsh habitat connectivity and use by the American eel, Anguilla rostrata

Advisor: Dr. David Burdick

Alyson Eberhardt
Description of Research

The overall objective of my research is to increase understanding of A. rostrata use of salt marshes for the conservation of both this species and the habitats important to their life history. Specifically, I am using stable isotope analysis, gut content analysis, Sr:Ca otolith microchemistry, and telemetry to evaluate the functional equivalency of hydrologically restricted and unrestricted salt marshes in the support of A. rostrata. My research will improve understanding of the value of salt marsh habitats to the life history of A. rostrata with respect to feeding behavior, growth, trophic interactions, and movement among inshore habitats. Results will help guide regional decision-making of how best to manage, restore, and conserve intertidal resources to maintain ecological functions and support populations of A. rostrata.

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