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Student Spotlight

Ph.D. Student Profile: Amanda Daly

Degree: Earth and Environmental Science
Natural Resources and the Environment

Research Topic: Soil Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry

Advisor: Stuart Grandy

Amanda Daly
Description of Research

Since joining NRESS in the fall of 2011, Amanda has been enthusiastically working to forward understanding of soil microbe-driven biogeochemical processes and enhance the sustainability of agroecosystems.  Her research aims to uncover the microbial and ecological mechanisms that release nitrogen from organic sources in the soil.  Greater knowledge of these plant-soil-microbe interactions will help enable farm managers to match soil nitrogen availability with plant demand for nitrogen, thereby reducing the impacts of agricultural nitrogen pollution on the greater environment.
Previous Awards and Activities
Selected Presentations and Publications

B.S. cum laude, Environmental Science, and B.A., Spanish, University of Vermont.  Honors thesis: Mechanisms driving increased colony growth rates in hybrid ant species

Professional Positions
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