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Page Updated November, 2013

Faculty/ Email Department Research Interests
John Aber
Natural Resources and the Environment /Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space Forest ecosystems, acid rain, modeling, agroecosystems
Eleanor Abrams
Education  Science education reform, educational technology
Heidi Asbjornsen
Natural Resources and the Environment Forest ecology
Semra Aytur
Health Management and Policy Relationships between policy, environment, and systems change to promote healthy behaviors and prevent chronic diseases
Kimberly J. Babbitt 
Natural Resources and the Environment Wildlife ecology, amphibian ecology; ecology of temporary aquatic systems
Mimi Larsen Becker
Natural Resources and the Environment Natural resources and environmental policy
Margaret Boettcher
Earth Sciences Earthquake physics, rock mechanics, and frictional behavior of faults
Julie Bryce
Earth Sciences Applications of trace element and isotope geochemistry to lithospheric, hydrologic, atmospheric and biogeochemical processes
David Burdick
Natural Resources and the Environment/Jackson Estuarine Laboratory Physiology and restoration ecology of marsh plants and sea grasses; cumulative impact management
Rosemarie Came
Earth Sciences Paleoclimatology, with a specific interest in the forcings that initiate climate changes, and the mechanisms by which climatic signals propagate globally
John E. Carroll
Natural Resources and the Environment Ecological ethics and values, sustainable agriculture, food and energy sustainability
William Clyde
Earth Sciences Vertebrate paleontology, stratigraphy
Russell Congalton Natural Resources and the Environment Remote sensing and geographic information systems
J. Matthew Davis
Earth Sciences Hydrogeology
Jack Dibb
Earth Systems Research Center Atmospheric chemistry, air-snow exchange
Kurk Dorsey
History U.S. foreign relations, environmental history, Canada
Mark Ducey
Natural Resourcesand the Environment Forest biometrics and  management
Robert Eckert
Natural Resources and the Environment Systems thinking in the context of sustainability, nature-based education
Richard England
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics Ecological economics, sustainable development, green taxation
Serita Frey
Natural Resources and the Environment Soil science, microbial ecology, ecosystem science
Stephen Frolking
Earth Systems Research Center/Earth Sciences Ecosystem modeling and carbon balance.
Kevin Gardner
Civil Engineering Contaminant behavior in estuarine environments, contaminated sediment chemistry and management, trace chemical behavior in the environment.
Christopher Glass
Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory Sustainable fisheries
Stuart Grandy
Natural Resources and the Environment Soil fertility and biogeochemistry
Curt Grimm
The Carsey Institute Rural community development; organizational and project strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation
John Halstead
Natural Resources and the Environment Solid waste management
Lawrence Hamilton
Sociology Statistics, survey research, the Arctic
Erik Hobbie
Earth Systems Research Center Mycorrhizal fungi, isotopes, carbon and nitrogen cycling
Theodore Howard
Natural Resources and the Environment Economics of natural resources
Matthew Huber
Earth Sciences Climate change modeling

Jennifer Jacobs
Civil Engineering/Environmental Research Group Surface water hydrology and land-surface
water and energy dynamics
Joel Johnson
Earth Sciences Marine geology, sedimentology
Paul Johnson
Natural Resources and the Environment Insect ecology and integrated pest management of forest insects
Linda Kalnejais
Earth Sciences/Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory Sediment geochemistry, trace-metal chemistry, coastal oceanography, acid-mine drainage
Nancy Kinner
Civil Engineering/Environmental Research Group Bioremediation of contaminated subsurface environments and more generally, environmental microbiology
Paul Kirshen

Civil Engineering/Environmental Research Group Water resources engineering and management, climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning
Adrienne Kovach
Natural Resources and the Environment Molecular ecology, population biology and conservation genetics of vertebrates
Jo Laird
Earth Sciences Metamorphic petrology
Richard Lammers
Water Systems Analysis Group Hydrological cycle and human influences
Thomas Lee
Natural Resources and the Environment Community and physiological ecology
Changsheng Li
Earth Systems Research Center Carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry and modeling
Joseph Licciardi
Earth Sciences Glacial geology
Anne Lightbody
Earth Sciences Flow and transport within surface water systems, including rivers, streams, lakes, fresh-water wetlands, and salt-water marshes
John Litvaitis
Natural Resources and the Environment Population dynamics, landscape ecology and conservation biology
Marian Litvaitis
Natural Resources and the Environment Biodiversity, phylogenetics, and connectivity of marine invertebrates; conservation genetics of vertebrates
Mary Martin
Earth Systems Research Center Hyperspectral remote sensing
Larry Mayer
Earth Sciences/Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping Ocean mapping
William McDowell
Natural Resources and the Environment Land use and water quality, biogeochemical cycles
Michael Merenda
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics Strategic management, entrepreneurship, international business and SME competitiveness
Samuel B. Mukasa
Dean of CEPS/Earth Sciences
Petrology, geochemistry and geochronology
Scott Ollinger
Earth Systems Research Center Forest ecology, nutrient cycling, air pollution impacts on forest ecosystems, modeling
Michael Palace
Earth Systems Research Center Tropical forest ecology and structure
Peter Pekins
Natural Resources and the Environment Ecological energetics of wildlife
Jonathan Pennock
School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering/Natural Resources and the Environment Estuarine and coastal phytoplankton ecology and nutrient biogeochemistry
James Pringle
Earth Sciences/Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory Physical oceanography
Robert Robertson
Natural Resources and the Environment Human dimensions in natural resources management, sustainable tourism development
Rebecca J. Rowe
Natural Resources and the Environment Vertebrate community ecology, landscape ecology, impacts of land use and climate
change, ecosystem sustainability, historical ecology
Thomas Safford
Sociology Analyzing inter-organizational relationships and understanding the roles different public and private sector organizations play in environmental management
Joseph E. Salisbury

Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space/Earth Sciences Characterize distributions of carbon dioxide, air-sea carbon exchange, acidification and productivity in riverine-influenced coastal regions, developing methods for understanding community productivity dynamics and plume detection using satellite ocean color data
Fredrick Short
Natural Resources and the Environment/Jackson Estuarine Laboratory Ecology of marine plants ecosystems
Becky Sideman

UNH Cooperative Extension/
Plant Biology
Sustainable agriculture, vegetable and small fruit production, plant breeding and genetics, plant disease resistance and pathogen interactions, plant pathology and disease management
Richard G. Smith
Natural Resources and the Environment Agroecology, sustainable agricultural systems, weed ecology and management, functional role of biological diversity in agroecosystems, plant invasions, community ecology
Stacia Sower
Center for Molecular and Comparative Endocrinology Molecular & biochemical endocrinology & neuroendocrinology integrates a system approach that includes multidisciplinary, comparative, genomics, neuroendocrine, physiological, biochemical and molecular studies
Michael Swack

The Carsey Institute/
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
Development finance, community development, economic development and microfinance
Douglas Vandemark
Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory Air-sea interaction and ocean remote sensing
Stacy VanDeveer
Political Science Global and regional environmental politics and policymaking; the role of expertise is policy making; European and North American environmental politics.
Ruth Varner
Earth Systems Research Center Trace gas measurements of methyl bromide and carbon dioxide
Cameron Wake
Earth Systems Research Center/Earth Sciences Ice chemistry, glaciology, air quality and human health interactions
Larry Ward
Earth Sciences/School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering Coastal geology, sedimentation
Fiona Wilson
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics Corporate sustainability, business models designed for social and environmental impact, social entrepreneurship
Wilfred Wollheim
Water Systems Analysis Group/ Earth Systems Research Center Watershed nutrient and carbon dynamics, aquatic ecosystems, watershed and ecosystem modeling
Jingfeng Xiao
Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space Terrestrial carbon cycle, remote sensing, ecological modeling, disturbances, vegetation dynamics, land cover/land use change, and human-environment interactions
Affiliate Faculty/ Email Department Research Interests
Janet Campbell (Emeritus)
School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering Remote sensing of phytoplankton pigments and primary productivity in the ocean, optics of the ocean
John Campbell
U.S. Forest Service Biogeochemical cycling, water quality, forest ecosystems
Mark Fahnestock
Earth Systems Research Center/ Earth Sciences Glaciology of large ice sheets, remote sensing of ice and snow.
Ross Gittell
Whittemore School of Business/ Economics Climate, health and the economy and sustainable development
Richard Hallett
U.S. Forest Service Forest nutrient cycling, remote sensing, forest health, regional studies
Joel Hartter
Geography Natural resource use in rural communities, human-environment interactions, protected areas, and land use/land cover change
David Hollinger
U.S. Forest Service Forest-atmosphere interactions, global policy change
George Hurtt
Earth Systems Research Center/Natural Resources and the Environment Theory and application of community and ecosystem ecology; global change
Michael Keller
Earth Systems Research Center Effects of land use change and agricultural intensification in Central and South America on ecosystems and the control of atmospheric chemistry and composition
John G.W. Kelley
Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center
GIS-based web mapping and coastal, estuarine, and Great Lakes oceanographic forecast modeling systems
Rakesh Minocha
USDA Forest Service Acid rain, stress physiology, biochemical stress indicators, forest health
Andrew Rosenberg
Ocean Process Analysis Lab/Natural Resources and the Environment Marine policy
Annette Schloss
Earth Systems Research Center/
Coastal Ocean Observing Center
Global climate change, earth science education and outreach through web-based resources, aquatic ecosystems, including remote sensing of freshwater resources