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Student Spotlight

Courses of Interest for NRESS Students: Spring 2016

This course list has been generated by NRESS staff and faculty. It includes courses which are taught by NRESS faculty, have been requested by NRESS students, and may be relevant to NRESS students but offered outside the departments students typically look for coursework. This list is not comprehensive. Courses on this list may not fulfil NRESS Core Course requirements. To make that determination, students must consult with their guidance committee.

Course Course Title Credits Instructor
ADMN 982 Strategic Mgt: Decision Making 3 Fiona Wilson
CIE 841                     Open Channel Flow                        3 Jennifer Jacobs
CIE 856 Environmental Eng Microbiology 4 Nancy Kinner
CIE 896 Spec Top/ Snow Hydrology 4 Jennifer Jacobs
DPP 902 Economic Analysis 3 Michael Swack
ENE 797/CIE 897 Environmental Life Cycle Assessment 3 Weiwei Mo
ESCI 801 Methods in Earth Science 4 James Pringle
ESCI 826 Igneous/Metamorphic Petrology 4 Jo Laird
ESCI/ZOOL 850 Biological Oceanography 4 Jonathan Pennock
ESCI 852 Chemical Oceanography               3 Linda Kalnejais
ESCI 854 Sedimentology 4 Joel Johnson
ESCI/OE 871 Geodesy & Position Ocean Map                4 Semme Dijkstra
ESCI 875 Ocean Mapping                                4 Larry Ward
ESCI/OE 875        Ocean Mapping II                                4 Semme Dijkstra
ESCI 896 Top/Nearshore Processes                   4 Larry Ward
ESCI 906 Advanced Fate and Transport 3 Anne Lightbody
ESCI/OE 973 Seafloor Characterization 3 Larry Mayer
ESCI 998 Proposal Development 1 Margaret Boettcher
HIST 820 Foreign Relations of the US 4 Kurk Dorsey
MCBS 997 Seminar 1 Stacia Sower
NR 801 Ecological Sustainability and Values 4 John Carroll
NR 807 Environmental Modeling 4 Wilfred Wollheim
NR 811 Wetland Ecology and Management 4 David Burdick
NR 812 Mammalogy 4 Rebecca Rowe
NR 824 Resolving Environmental Conflicts 4 Catherine M. Ashcraft
NR 830 Terrestrial Ecosystems   4 Scott Ollinger
NR 844/ESCI 896 Biogeochemistry/Top/Biogeochem 4 Stephen Frolking/ Scott Ollinger
NR 859 Digital Image Process Nat Res 4 Russell Congalton
NR 905 Grant Writing 2 Wilfred Wollheim
NR 909 Analysis of Ecological Data 4 Richard Smith
NR 993 Seminar/Closing the Circle 2 John Aber
NR 997 Spec Top/Conservation Genetics 1-4 Adrienne Kovach
OE 991 Ocean Seminars II            1 Larry Mayer
PHP 907 Public Health Policy 3 Semra Aytur
POLT 880 Intl Env Politics, Policy & Law 3 Stacy VanDeveer
RAM 867 Social Impact Assessment 4 Robert Robertson
Ram 911 Natural & Environ Res Mgt 4 John Halstead
SOC 903 Sociological Methods III 4 Lawrence Hamilton


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