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Student Spotlight

L Nascimento

Alumna Profile: Lucigleide N. Nascimento

Degree: Natural Resources and Environmental Studies

Dissertation Title: The Long Journey to become the " River of National Unity ": The São Francisco River Basin from 1940 to Today and the Interactions of Environment, Government, Law, and Citizens.

Advisor: Dr. Mimi Becker

Description of Research

The problem is that over sixty years the lack of a holistic approach of management to the human use of the water resources had led to the environmental unsustainability of the Sao Francisco River Basin (SFRB). The Sao Francisco River Basin system has been managed by institutional and legal frameworks, and powerful social groups, with different and sometimes conflicting goals, and with a low or nonexistent level of direct citizen participation. This research explores the role of citizens, government, and laws in the management of the Sao Francisco watershed from 1940s until now, which includes the newly formed watershed based committee.