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Student Spotlight

Stephanie Coster

Alumna Profile: Stephanie Coster

Degree: Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
Natural Resources and the Environment

Dissertation Title: Landscape Genetics of Pond Breeding Amphibians in a Managed Forest

Advisors: Dr. Adrienne Kovach and Dr. Kimberly Babbitt

Description of Research

Connectivity across a landscape is an important component of healthy animal populations as it allows for the rescue of declining populations and promotes genetic diversity. With increasing human influence and associated land use changes, this connectivity is in jeopardy. Understanding the factors that facilitate or inhibit movement is therefore essential for conservation management. I will use a genetic and spatial analytical approach to identify factors that influence dispersal in two different amphibians species in a managed forest. This research will enhance our understanding of animal connectivity and population persistence in human modified landscapes, and will help managers promote healthy ecosystems.

Selected Presentations and Publications

Coster, S., A.I. Kovach. (in review). Anthropogenic influences on the spatial genetic structure of black bears. Conservation Genetics.

Coster, S., A.I Kovach, P. Pekins, A. Cooper, A. Timmins, A.  2011. Genetic Mark-
Recapture Population Estimation in Black Bears and Issues of Scale.  Journal of
Wildlife Management, 75: 1128-1136.

Coster, S., D. O. Ribble. 2005.  Density and cover preferences of the Black-and-rufous elephant-
shrew in Chome Forest Reserve Tanzania. Belgian Journal of Zoology, 135: 175-177.


Ph.D., 2013 Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
with Cognate in College Teaching; University of New Hampshire - Durham, NH.
M.S., 2008 Natural Resources:Wildlife, University of New Hampshire - Durham, NH.
B.S., 2002 Biology; Ecology Concentration,
Minor in English; Trinity University - San Antonio, TX. Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa