Graduate Prospective Scholars


  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) field.
  • Must be interested in teaching secondary or middle school mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science, or earth science

Application and Selection Process

  • Apply to a UNH Graduate Program in Teacher Certification in the Education Department (Master of Education or Master of Arts in Teaching) –  (see Graduate School for general graduate school application) – you must be accepted into one of the graduate programs in education.
  • Apply to the UNH Noyce Scholarship Program (download Noyce Scholarship Application)
  • For Spring 2017 the deadline is May 1st.  In future years, the deadlines are November 1 and  March 1 

  • Noyce Applicant Review Criteria:
    • Grade point average, especially grades in STEM major and education courses.
    • Well written personal statement that displays passion for STEM discipline and teaching, a disposition to care for students, willingness to take initiative, and understanding of the characteristics of a good teacher.
    • Letters of recommendation depict STEM ability, responsibility, reliability, leadership, previous success when working with children or youth, good communication skills, intellectual curiosity, and willingness to use criticism to improve.
    • Successful experience working with children or youth  as demonstrated in Education 500 "Exploring Teaching" or an equivalent experience.  Also success in working with teaching colleagues.
    • Financial need and/or underrepresented status of the applicant in STEM education.

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