The New Hampshire
Outing Club

Club Officers

Elections are held in March each year. Any members interested are encouraged to run!

  • President: Dave Patz
  • Vice President: Wiley Little
  • Business Manager: Leigh Harrington
  • Trip Coordinators: Sophie White & Megan Phelan
  • Cabin Managers: Pete Grebowski & Steven Cowley
  • Summer, First Aid, and Safety Coordinator: Tara Mullen
  • Publicity Coordinators: Emma Ham & Jessica Kowalski
  • Gear Managers: Ruby Rush & Amanda Makowiecki

Becoming a Leader

The NHOC is entirely student run, and all club leaders are undergraduates at UNH. To become a leader, members have to meet the following requirements:

  • Attend a Leadership Training Weekend trip
  • Take the UNH Defensive Driving Class
  • Be certified in Wilderness First Aid
  • Be a "Lead Assistant" for two trips (at least one has to be an overnight trip)
  • Attend a Cabin Work Trip
  • "Co-Lead" two trips (at least one has to be an overnight trip)

For more information, please speak to the Trip Coordinator

Special Certifications

To lead rock climbing, water sports, winter mountaineering trips, additional training is required unless accompanied by a professional guide.