The New Hampshire
Outing Club

Mission Statement

The New Hampshire Outing Club (NHOC) provides outdoor recreation and education for the UNH community, regardless of skill level or outdoor experience in a substance free environment. We take pride in being an organization that offers multiple trips per month, catering to all ability levels and a wide range of interests. Our regular activities throughout the academic year include: backpacking, canoeing, rafting, biking, day hiking, snowshoeing, winter mountaineering, sledding, Nordic and Alpine skiing, rock climbing, leadership training courses and wilderness first aid courses.

As a student-run organization, the NHOC offers unique leadership opportunities for UNH students. The NHOC allows (and encourages) students to create, plan, and execute their own trips. This tradition is carried on through the leaders of the NHOC, who assist and help develop the confidence and leadership potential of all our members.

About the NHOC

The New Hampshire Outing Club is the oldest and largest club on campus and is still run entirely by UNH students. Since our beginnings in 1911, the NHOC has been providing outdoor experiences, education, and activities to the UNH community. We recently achieved SAFO status, meaning trips are now funded almost entirely by the Student Activity Fee paid with undergraduate tuition.

The NHOC typically offers 2-5 trips each weekend throughout the year. All trips are drug and alcohol free and go to destinations both inside and outside of New England. The NHOC has something for everyone: hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, cross country/downhill skiing, canoeing, biking, ice climbing, kayaking, road trips, extreme sledding, fishing, wilderness first aid and leadership training, sky diving, and more. The cost is affordable as most gear can be borrowed (for free!), and no experience is necessary. The NHOC also offers on-campus activities and programming. The NHOC also sponsors Bloo Circle events, which are on or near-campus adventures and include trips to the nearby beaches, bowling, eating ice cream, night hikes, sledding, and soccer games.

Students spend time working with the NHOC because they want to share a love of the outdoors, experience breathtaking views, create friendships, get off campus, enjoy the fall foliage, and play outside like we did when we were six. Essentially, just to have fun!