UNH Mourns Death of Stella Arambel, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Contact: Kim Billings
UNH Media Relations

March 10, 2005

The University of New Hampshire mourns the death of Stella Arambel, assistant professor of psychology. She died at Exeter Hospital following a car accident on Route 108 Wednesday, March 9, 2005.

“The university community has lost a rising star with the untimely death of Professor Arambel. Her loss is staggering to her family, to her students and colleagues at UNH, and to the greater community of her research peers around the country and around the world. We are devastated,” UNH President Ann Weaver Hart said.

Arambel joined the faculty at UNH this summer after a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at Northwestern University.

“In the very short time she had been at UNH, Stella Arambel had a remarkable record of achievement.  She came from Northwestern University in August and immediately set up an extensive lab in which she did research on cognitive processing. She was a true 'brain scientist' whose work on memory and language comprehension has been widely recognized for its path breaking use of neural imaging as a tool for understanding how the human mind functions. In addition, she was a very talented teacher and adviser to both undergraduate and graduate students, who were doing unusually advanced work under her direction.  In a few short months she became a well respected and key person in the Psychology Department.  We grieve her loss in countless ways,” said Marilyn Hoskin, dean, College of Liberal Arts.