UNH Holds Warm Clothing Drive Nov. 15-Dec. 3

Contact: Sharon Keeler
UNH Media Relations

Nov. 10, 2004

DURHAM, N.H. -- This winter, New Hampshire will have thousands of people on the streets with nothing to keep them warm. The University of New Hampshire Community Service and Leadership students are working with community partners to hold a Warmth Drive that will help people combat the cold.

From Nov. 15 to Dec. 3, 2004, students will collect clean useable items that will keep people warm this winter. Items such as coats, boots, socks, mittens, sweaters and blankets are needed.

Donations can be placed in marked boxes at the Memorial Union Building, Dimond Library, Field House, Thompson Hall, Woodside Apartments, Barton and Putnam Halls, the Health Center, the Alumni Center, and many other locations around the Durham campus.

Off campus boxes will be organized by the Oyster River Youth Association, Barrington Middle School, Newmarket Junior-Senior High School, Dover Middle School, and Ocean National Bank in Durham.

"This is an opportunity for every member of the community to do a small part in helping others. If each person contributes a little, we can do a lot as a community." said Ashlee Iber of Barrington. “Every day, more than 500 children go to school in New Hampshire without having a family home to go to at the end of the day. This means there is no roof over their head and they may have little protecting them from the harsh winter.”

The items collected in the Warmth Drive will be donated to Operation Blessing, Crossroads House, A Safe Place, My Friends Place, The International Institute, the Rochester School System, and Manchester Veterans Association. UNH student will be work with the organizations to distribute the items collected.

This Warmth Drive is made possible by support from PAX World Fund, Ocean National Bank, Wentworth Douglass Hospital, and the dental office of Doctors Bragdon and Dugas in Durham.

The UNH Community Service and Leadership program is designed for students who wish to transform a passion for community activism into a rewarding career. The program prepares students to work collaboratively or in a leadership role to find positive solutions to shared problems, and to effect social change at local, regional, and national levels.

For more information about the Warmth Drive, the UNH Community Service and Leadership program, or receiving items from the Warmth Drive, contact Kate Hanson at 603-862-1064 or by e-mail at kate.hanson@unh.edu.