UNH Partners With Swiss University To Launch International Internship For Hospitality Students

Contact: Lori Wright
UNH Media Relations

Nov. 30, 2004

DURHAM, N.H. – The Whittemore School of Business and Economics has partnered with a hotel schools in Switzerland to provide hospitality students an international internship experience in a country that is world-renowned for its resorts and training of the executives who run them.

This spring, four UNH students will study at the Glion Institute of Higher Education (GIHE) and hospitality education in Switzerland.“A Swiss hotel education is prized throughout the world,” said Raymond Goodman, chair of the UNH Hospitality Department, who has taught at GIHE. “The opportunity for UNH Hospitality Management students to study at one of the top Swiss hotel schools will give them a life experience and culture well beyond this campus.”

Students will take courses that complement the offerings of the program at UNH. Among the courses students will choose from are Principles of Tourism and Travel, Systems Analysis for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Architecture and Design, International Tourism and Planning and Development, Psycho-Sociology in the Hospitality Industry, Tourism Operations Management, and Visitor Attraction Management. Mainstream courses with an international approach, such as food and beverage management, advanced information technology, trans-global human resource management, marketing, corporate governance, legislation and contractual law, and business ethics, will also be available.

All classes will be in English. However, students can study in French, German or Spanish.

“The standards of comportment, demeanor, and etiquette required of students studying in Switzerland in general, and at hotel schools in particular, will be of significant value for UNH students entering the hospitality industry. The student culture is somewhat formal as compared to the United States, and this exposure will expedite the UNH students’ entry into the world of business—particularly international business,” Goodman said.

Bradi Lenentine, 19, of Holderness, said she is excited about being among the first students to participate in the international program. “Going to Switzerland will enhance my overall academic experience at UNH because of the new learning style. It will give me the chance to prepare for my future, and may help me land a job with an international company after graduation,” said Lenentine, a sophomore.

In an ever-increasing international business environment, the hospitality industry is culturally diverse particularly in its lodging sector. GIHE is not only international because of its geography, but the students studying at GIHE hail from many countries. Geographically, 38.9 percent of students were from Europe, 5.6 percent from the Middle East, 38.5 percent of the student population was from Asia, 14 percent from the Americas, and 3 percent from Africa.

The WSBE-GIHE program will be offered every spring semester to Hospitality Management majors or minors in their sophomore or junior year. The 20-week program will run from mid-January to early June. Students will earn 15 semester credit hours.