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UNH's 2004 M.F.A. Exhibition Features Works of Graduate Painters

Contact: Lori Wright
UNH Media Relations

March 16, 2004

DURHAM, N.H. -- Introspection and individual experiences, coupled with an intense program of study focusing on mastering artistic techniques, are the foundation for recent thesis works created by graduating students of the Masters of Fine Arts program in painting from the University of New Hampshire.

Jennifer O'Connell,
Two Spaces, 2003, oil on canvas

The works of these five emerging artists are presented in the 2004 M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition at The Art Gallery, Paul Creative Arts Center, 30 College Road. The exhibit runs Tuesday, March 23, to Wednesday, April 14, 2004. The artists will be on hand to discuss their works at a preview reception Monday, March 22, 2004, at 5 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

The five artists -- Elizabeth Doherty, Andrea Jacobson, Brian Kiernan, Jessie Lindenberger-Schutz, and Jennifer O'Connell -- have come from diverse backgrounds to find a common ground among their love of oil painting and their pursuit of careers as professional artists.

Elizabeth Doherty, of Baltimore, uses painting and printmaking techniques to create representational, still life images that boldly capture the essence of found objects. The role of the viewer is challenged in the works of Andrea Jacobson, of Knoxville, Tenn., as she spotlights the nature of relationships between a figure, its surrounding space, and the observer.

Jessie Lindenberger-Schutz,
In the Studio, 2004, charcoal on paper.

Brian Kiernan, of Morrisonville, N.Y., looks to the engulfing qualities found in complex exterior terrain to explore nature's cyclical life span and its relation to our individual transient existence. The works of Jessie Lindenberger-Schutz, of Dunn Loring, Va., are largely autobiographical, sequential narratives that evoke memories of past experiences and poignant events. Intimate visions of private spaces are highlighted in the works of Jennifer O'Connell, of Plattsburgh, N.Y., who looks beyond the objects as symbols to discover the deeper, psychological notions of our own interior living spaces.

During the two-year span of the M.F.A program, the students have worked under the direction of UNH professors Grant Drumheller and Langdon Quin. The program, offered by the UNH Department of Art and Art History, gives students an opportunity to explore their medium and further develop their style under the guidance of acclaimed professors.

Andrea Jacobson,
Self Portrait, 2003, oil on canvas.
Brian Kiernan,
Pumpkin Patch, 2003,
oil on canvas.

ArtBreak Series
Wednesdays, noon, The Art Gallery (unless otherwise noted)

  • March 24: Gallery talk by M.F.A. students Andrea Jacobson, Elizabeth Doherty, and Brian Kiernan.
  • March 31: Gallery talk by M.F.A. students Jennifer O'Connell and Jesse Lindenberger-Schutz.
  • April 7: Video - “The Secret Life of Geisha,” a documentary on the culture, history, training, and private lives of geisha. Room A219
  • April 14: Performance/Discussion - “Ananse: The Spider” - A performance of this traditional West African folk tale is combined with a discussion on how cultural arts and theater are used to broaden an understanding of diverse cultures. Led by Carol Jo Fisher and featuring actors from the Department of Theatre and Dance.
  • April 28: Gallery talk by exhibiting B.F.A. artists Alexis Carter, Dara Engler, Mary Emerson, and Carolyn McColgan.
  • May 5: Gallery talk by exhibiting B.F.A. artists Jennifer Meanley, Erik Scheuring, and Tim Smith.
  • May 12: TBA.

Special Events

  • Thursday, April 1, 6 to 8 p.m.
    Join artist B. Lynch for “Fool's Fortune,” a participatory art event. Lynch will be playing the “Answer Fool” and will answer all those important questions that have been preying on your mind!

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