Freshman Camp Appeal Granted; Moratorium Decreased From Two Years To One
Other sanctions remain in place, including education and monitoring

Contact: Kim Billings
UNH Media Relations

Dec. 9, 2004

DURHAM, N.H. – An appellate board at the University of New Hampshire has granted the appeal of Freshman Camp following a student conduct process in which the organization was found to be in violation of several alcohol policies. The moratorium on Freshman Camp has been decreased from two years to one year which ensures that the organization continues, while allowing enough time for the organization to strengthen its structures and activities to be in line with UNH policies and expectations.

The remaining sanctions – probation until October 2008, the creation of an advisory board to monitor the organization’s progress, and additional steps to ensure improvements – remain in place. “These are serious sanctions for serious charges,” said Mark Rubinstein, vice president for student and academic services. “Probation beyond the moratorium for another three years is appropriate not only as a sanction, but as a way of ensuring sufficient involvement from the University to support the success of Freshman Camp in the future.”

Freshman Camp was found responsible for the actions of some of its counselors, who invited first-year students to an off-campus party on their second night at UNH where alcohol was served.

According to the appellate board’s written decision, the Freshman Camp event can be reinstated in the fall semester of 2006, provided that the following requirements are fulfilled by the Freshman Camp organization:

The organization must provide a list of potential paid staff/faculty for the position of advisor for the Freshman Camp organization. The recommended advisory board, or the vice president for student and academic services/designee, will have the final decision over the advisory position.

The organization must host and participate in at least two events per semester during the one-year moratorium (i.e., four events at a minimum for the 2005-2006 academic year). Completion of these sanctions shall be coordinated with and submitted to the Judicial and Mediation Programs Office:

1. Each event must be geared towards first-year students
2. Each event must support a non-alcohol environment/theme
3. At least one of the two events each semester must be related to alcohol education

The organization must revise its Freshman Camp application process, its application process for counselors, and must revise the number of Freshman Camp counselors. The organization must submit these revisions to the recommended Freshman Camp Advisory Board or the Vice President for Student and Academic Services/designee for approval.

The board concluded that if Freshman Camp does not follow these sanctions or is found responsible for any further violations, there will be serious consideration given to permanent suspension of the organization.