Former U.S. Presidential Candidate Addresses UNH Class on Presidential Primary

Contact: Erika Mantz
UNH Media Relations

November 17, 2003

WHAT: Michael Dukakis, winner of the 1988 New Hampshire Democratic primary, will talk about the New Hampshire Primary from the perspective of a candidate. He will address a class at the University of New Hampshire designed specifically to study the New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2003, at 5 p.m.

WHERE: Murkland Hall, Richards Auditorium, on the Durham campus of UNH.

BACKGROUND: The New Hampshire Presidential Primary has been the first in the nation since 1920, but it wasn’t until 1952 that citizens had the right to vote directly for a presidential candidate, not just delegates. With just one exception, no candidate losing in New Hampshire has ever made it to the White House. That means any student studying at the UNH will have the opportunity to shake hands with the next president of the United States at some time during their four years. UNH professors Mark Wrighton and Andy Smith recognized this as a great learning opportunity and designed a class that will allow students the chance to study the New Hampshire presidential primary up close and personal. Students have been learning about the importance of the primary in the process, the nature of the NH electorate, the impact of money on the process, coverage by the media, the effects of polling, the importance of organization and strategy in NH, the impact of group activity, and, most recently, ethics in campaigning.

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Mark Wrighton, assistant professor of political science, and Andrew Smith, director of the UNH Survey Center, are co-teaching the class. They are available for interviews (Wrighton, 603-862-2792; Smith, 603-862-2226).