N.H. Industrial Research Center Awards $25,000 Grant to GlycoFi, Inc. of Lebanon

Contact: Denise Hart or Priti Prabhakar
UNH Media Relations

November 17, 2003

DURHAM, N.H.- The New Hampshire Industrial Research Center (NHIRC) has recently awarded a $25,000 grant to GlycoFi Inc., of Lebanon, N.H., to support a $52,337 project that aims to improve the productivity of yeast protein expression systems.

A "Technical Assistance Grant" is supporting the project between GlycoFi and Dartmouth College, which if successful, will dramatically improve the production of bio-engineered protein-based drugs. The remaining $27,337 will come from a federal National Institute of Health Small Business Innovative Research (NIH SBIR) Phase II grant.

GlycoFi has reengineered yeast and other fungal protein expression systems to produce fully-humanized glycoproteins. This class of drugs, administered through injection or inhalation, targets ailments such as various forms of cancer, multiple sclerosis, hereditary emphysema, growth defects, and anemia.

Tillman Gerngross, the principal investigator for this project, is the co-founder and chief scientific officer of GlycoFi, Inc. as well as an associate professor of engineering at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth. GlycoFi is sponsoring Dartmouth graduate student Nam Kim to improve the production of GlycoFi’s yeast-based protein production platform.

Since its creation in 1992, the NHIRC has had an estimated $500 million impact on the state’s economy and created 3,000 jobs, according to Henry Mullaney, the center’s director.

The NHIRC was created by the New Hampshire Legislature and is funded through the Department of Economic Development (DRED). Its goal is to promote applied and basic scientific, engineering and associated marketing research and technological transfer and to support the New Hampshire industrial and business community.

Mullaney estimates the NHIRC contributes $8.7 million a year in additional tax revenue to the state.

" The NHIRC is a wise investment for the people of New Hampshire," says Mullaney. "We help small companies like GlycoFi to develop new technologies and stay at the cutting edge of innovation, enabling them to grow and remain competitive in world markets."

For more information about the NHIRC program, contact Mullaney at 603-862-0123 or visit their website at: http://www.nhirc.unh.edu/