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UNH Faculty Go High-Tech with Academics

By Lori Gula
UNH News Bureau

May 28, 2003

DURHAM, N.H. -- When University of New Hampshire Assistant Professor Dan Sedory assigned a class project to his Therapeutic Exercise in Athletic Training students earlier this year, his first thought wasn't a traditional project on paper.

Thanks to his experience as a participant in UNH's first Faculty Instructional Technology Summer Institute (FITSI) last year, Sedory was able to integrate technology into his classroom and provide not only a more dynamic assignment for his students, but an assignment that taught them a real-world technology application.

"With the help of FITSI and Computing and Information Services personnel, I was able to secure grant monies and assistance to integrate a Web design project into my course plans. Instead of creating class projects using paper and ink, they created Web pages that gave them invaluable Web-authoring experience, a means of sharing their work with all other students in the class, and a means of sharing their work with outside communities," Sedory says.

"Technology is already a major part of students' lives and will continue to be so. The more faculty can integrate technology into the academic experience, the more students will recognize and utilize that technology for academic purposes, instead of just for instant messaging and downloading video/audio files," he says.

This year, 20 faculty members will participate in FITSI 2003, which will be held June 9-13. It provides hands-on activities and sessions designed to help faculty successfully integrate technology into their teaching and curriculum. All sessions emphasize pedagogy, and present ways in which technology can enhance and support student learning.

"There are many opportunities to build a stronger academic community through the use of technology," says Mark Demyanovich, manager of multimedia and instructional design. "Many institutions spend a considerable amount of time teaching how to use software. We, on the other hand, spend our time developing the pedagogy behind the instructional technology."

FITSI is sponsored by CIS Academic Technology, the Academic Technology Liaison Program and the Faculty Instructional Technology Development Grant Program. For more information on FITSI, visit

Editors and News Directors: You are welcome to attend any of the FITSI sessions. To make arrangements to attend, please contact Mike Giordano at 603-862-3629 or

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