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UNH Web Site a Resource on Justice and Security in America after 9/11

By Erika Mantz
UNH News Bureau

January 24, 2001

For additional comment, call John T. Kirkpatrick, director of Justiceworks, or Joe Pace, coordinator of operations and public affairs, at (603) 862-1957.

DURHAM, N.H. Citizens and criminal justice professionals will have easy access to information about national security and justice in the nation in the wake of Sept. 11 thanks to a Web site recently launched by Justiceworks, a University of New Hampshire-based consortium dedicated to providing balanced, non-partisan research on issues of crime and justice.

The Web site, www.justiceworks.unh.edu, offers reports and commentary about the renewed battle against crime and terror across the nation.

"We hope to contribute to the broad discussion about the challenges and opportunities we face as a nation as the new year begins," says John T. Kirkpatrick, director of Justiceworks. "The events of last September have awakened great concerns about public safety and national security. It is extremely important that the measures we take to address those concerns are the product of deliberate, open and informed debate. This Web site provides anyone with the information they need to participate constructively."

Kirkpatrick adds that the application of new technologies throughout the criminal justice system has taken on new urgency since Sept. 11. Integrated information systems, victim support networks, geospatial mapping technologies and non-lethal weapons are some of the topics addressed on the Web site.

"These advanced and emerging technologies are powerful tools among law enforcement agencies," he says, "and the Web site also addresses their use to advance safety and security while at the same time preserving individual privacy protections and civil liberties."

Justiceworks is a public service-oriented, applied research consortium dedicated to extending the land-grant mission of UNH to the criminal justice system.

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