Statement from President Joan Leitzel

By Kim Billings
UNH News Bureau

September 12, 2001


As we attempt to come to grips with the terrorists attacks of September 11, we are beginning to realize the full scope of the tragedy. No one of us will be untouched by the loss and grief of these events. We are reminded that our world is not yet at peace and that hatred still divides people and nations. Over the next days and weeks each of us in the University community will renew our resolve to be a community that supports and cares about one another.

This tragedy also reminds us of how international our university community is. We have students, staff, and faculty from many countries and ethnic and religious backgrounds, some from parts of the world identified with the tragic attacks. We value all of our international students, staff, and faculty. They are an important part of the University of New Hampshire. During this highly emotional time we must assure a safe and supportive campus environment for the entire community. In a world unfortunately divided by political, religious, and ethnic hostility, I call on all of us to be a model for what a diverse, international community can be. In this time of tragedy and loss, we have an opportunity to grow in understanding and caring.

Many are asking what concrete activities they can engage in to help with the recovery of victims and families. There will be a Red Cross blood drive on the UNH campus Monday through Thursday, September 17 - 20. The Community Gathering of Remembrance and Hope is scheduled for Thursday, September 20, at 12:30 p.m. on the Thompson Hall lawn. Other activities are listed on the UNH website,

President Joan Leitzel

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