UNH Whittemore School of Business and Economics

UNH-Newmarket International Partnership Benefits Business Grads

By Janet Lathrop
UNH News Bureau

May 23, 2001

DURHAM, N.H. -- Among the 2,400-plus University of New Hampshire students who received a degree last weekend were 33 hospitality management graduates at UNH's Whittemore School of Business and Economics who took home more than one diploma.

While at UNH, the select group earned an added, valuable symbol of accomplishment -- certification in the use of Delphi software. Delphi is the hospitality industry's leading sales and catering tool, used by hotels worldwide to arrange smooth-running, financially successful conventions and meetings. The software is a product of Portsmouth-based Newmarket International, Inc., which recently donated the cutting-edge computer software to UNH. Jay Krupp, Newmarket's director of educational development and a 1992 UNH Whittemore School graduate himself, led the expert training of the 33 new users.

"Every major hotel corporation in the world is a Newmarket International customer," Krupp says. "Take a look at the hospitality industry want ads on any given Sunday. Most will mention that proficiency in Delphi is, if not a necessity, then highly desirable. Because it has become a basic tool -- used by thousands of properties throughout the industry -- it makes any young job hunter instantly more attractive as a new hire."

Krupp adds, "This certification gives great value to the Whittemore School students. It's good to know, as they do, how many cubic yards of fresh air move through a hotel each hour," he says. "But this software certification will get them a job."

It was Udo Schlentrich, visiting professor of hospitality management at the Whittemore School and the students' advisor, who contacted Krupp about training UNH business school students in Delphi. "I was just delighted to find that we have the world's leading hospitality industry software developer right next door in Portsmouth," Schlentrich said. As a former luxury hotel manager, director of Hilton International and a founder of the Omni group, he stresses that "this software is just critical. It is really bringing the UNH program to a level that no other school of hospitality management in the country can offer."

He assigned the students a case study as part of their Delphi course work. They booked a convention at a "virtual hotel" and then submited a bid to Schlentrich and Krupp as the "client" meeting planners. "They did a great job," Schlentrich reports. "And this was a stretch for them, because we assigned a very complex, multi-dimensional, real-world kind of problem. It was quite a challenge and they rose to it well."

Newmarket International -- with offices in London and Singapore as well as Portsmouth -- designed Delphi software to streamline the work of hotel marketing directors booking conferences and conventions. What once took days of juggling room rates, AV equipment, catering and banquet facilities now can be done in an hour or two by a skillful user, Krupp explains. "It helps sales managers make higher commissions and spend their time on sales rather than on administration." New, faster and more convenient Web-based products are coming soon, he added.

Aside from the pleasure of seeing Newmarket donate about $40,000 worth of software to the Whittemore School, Krupp takes another kind of satisfaction in seeing UNH students attain the Delphi certification. "They're a wonderful group of potential employees," he notes. "I got to know some of these students well enough to want to contact them after graduation," he said. In fact, Newmarket has hired well over 50 UNH graduates in the last several years, he adds, and the company is still growing, with Delphi users at 3,000 properties in 43 countries.

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