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N.H. Sea Grant Receives Funding for 2001

By Steve Adams
NH Sea Grant

February 15, 2001

DURHAM, N.H. — N.H. Sea Grant recently received a one-year grant of $878,000 from the Department of Commerce. One of 30 programs in the National Sea Grant network, N.H. Sea Grant will use these funds and matching state funds in its efforts to promote the wise use, conservation and development of marine resources in the state and region.

Located at the University of New Hampshire, Sea Grant works closely with marine industries, government agencies, private organizations and individuals to help identify and solve problems associated with the conservation and development of marine resources. Through its research, education and outreach efforts, the program increases awareness of marine and coastal issues.

Sea Grant activities in New Hampshire and Maine have been administered jointly since 1979. However, the marine programs at UNH and at the University of Maine have grown markedly in recent years. During 2000, the two states established independent programs that will serve the citizens of and address issues and priorities in marine resource use specific to each state. Sea Grant programs in New England will continue to work together on issues of concern to the whole region.

This year's grant will support nine research projects dealing with coastal development and the management and development of living marine resources. The coastal development research includes an in-depth look at the sources, distribution and fate of mercury at contaminated sites in Penobscot Bay and an economic valuation of beach erosion control. The research on living marine resources includes studies in support of both flounder stock enhancement and aquaculture, as well as research to determine the feasibility of green sea urchin aquaculture in the Gulf of Maine.

In addition to its research efforts, Sea Grant collaborates with UNH Cooperative Extension in a range of outreach programs. These include the UNH Marine Docent Program, which recently received the 2000-2001 Gulf of Maine Visionary Award for 20 years of increasing public awareness of the marine environment, and the Great Bay Coast Watch, a volunteer water quality monitoring group that has been keeping tabs on the state's major estuary for over 10 years.

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