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UNH's Thompson School Offers Pet Grooming Diploma Program

By Sharon Keeler
UNH News Bureau

August 23, 2001

DURHAM, N.H. -- The University of New Hampshire's Thompson School of Applied Science and Division of Continuing Education have developed a program leading to a Diploma in Pet Grooming. This day-program is open to part-time students who are not enrolled in a degree program at the Thompson School or UNH, but wish to gain experience in the field and obtain a credential.

The Thompson School is well-known for its career-oriented programs, which provide a combination of classroom and practical hands-on education. The Pet Grooming Diploma programs draws upon these strengths by providing not only basic grooming skills, but knowledge about small animal care, first aid, breeds and behavior, business and management skills. Students completing the program will be qualified for employment in the boarding and grooming industry and, after further on-the-job training, would be qualified to operate their own grooming business.

The Pet Grooming Diploma program consists of seven credit classes -- adding up to 18 credit hours -- taught by Thompson School faculty. These are college-level classes attended with degree students, but are less expensive through UNH's Division of Continuing Education.

Unlike traditional grooming school programs which take from three to six months, students do not have to pay tuition upfront, but pay by the class. Three classes are offered each semester; grooming is taken twice and offered in both spring and fall semesters. Students may take one, two or all three classes offered and may finish the program in two semesters, or may take two or more years to complete the requirements.

All classes are transferable into the Thompson School of Applied Science program -- and most other colleges -- should students decide to pursue a future degree. Also, unlike grooming schools, students do not have to provide their own equipment.

Application to the diploma program is not required until the second class, allowing students to take the grooming class first before making a commitment. For more information, contact the Thompson School at 603-862-1025, email tsas.admit@unh.edu, or the Division of Continuing Education at 603-862-2015, or visit their webpage at http://learn.unh.edu.

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