UNH Opens New Office of Intellectual Property Management

By Michelle Gregoire
UNH News Bureau

November 1, 2000

DURHAM, N.H. -- The University of New Hampshire recently established the Office of Intellectual Property Management to oversee the protection of property rights, to encourage invention and innovation, and support the university's research mission.

The university has protected intellectual property for years, but the establishment of an office dedicated to that activity will provide greater support of potentially significant collaborations with industry, according to Don Sundberg, vice president for research and public service.

Robert Dalton, who has been advising UNH on such matters for two years, will assume a fulltime position as director of the new office Nov. 14.

The office will have several functions, including: determining the potential market for new intellectual property; promoting UNH intellectual property to outside interests; establishing collaborative relationships with industry; coordinating the flow of information required for patents, trademarks, copyrights and other forms of protection; and ensuring compliance with federal regulations.

"The university has a responsibility to disseminate information, and technology transfer activity is a natural extension of that," says Dalton. "The university now has in place a support function to help faculty see their intellectual property commercialized. The rate of research growth in the past five years has created tremendous opportunities to capitalize on our intellectual property."

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