UNH Seeks Secondary School Teachers for May Workshop on Environmental and Resource Economics

By Sharon Keeler
UNH News Bureau

DURHAM, N.H. -- The University of New Hampshire will hold a workshop this spring to help secondary school teachers learn how to incorporate environmental and natural resource issues into their economics courses.

The day-long workshop takes place Thursday, May 25, on the Durham campus. It is free of charge, thanks to N.H. Department of Education grant support, and is additionally sponsored by UNH's Department of Resource Economics and Development and Department of Natural Resources.

Enrollment is limited to 25 participants, and the registration deadline is May 12. Staff development credit will be available.

This year's program focuses on all new topics, with a presentation by Dover High School teacher John Carver, who participated in last year's workshop. Tentative areas to be covered include:

  • Environmental and resource economics: Variation to the traditional approach
  • Environmental economics in the high school classroom: Teacher experience
  • Waste sector: Industry concentration
  • Economic view of sustainability
  • Solving applied economics: Problems in the classroom
  • Forestry and wildlife economics

Bruce Lindsay, UNH professor of environmental and resource economics, and Carlo Nattoli, Exeter High School economics and world history teacher, are the workshop directors and will both teach sections.

"Economics is a half-year high school course, which traditionally focuses on how a business operates," says Lindsay. "Students learn such concepts as marketing, purchasing and how to make a profit. While this is good, it's somewhat limiting. What we hope to do, by educating the teachers, is show students how economic concepts integrate with environmental and resource issues -- like recycling, fishing and land management. It's something students can grasp, because they're real issues that their communities are grappling with."

Each area discussed will include an overview, relevant economic concepts, activities for student analysis, and references for student reading.

Workshop presenters include senior UNH faculty members who are renowned experts in their fields. Professors, and their workshop topics, include Lindsay on freshwater and marine economics; John Halstead, professor of resource economics and development, on environmental economics; Douglas Morris, associate professor of resource economics and development, on land economics; and Ted Howard, associate professor of natural resources, on the economics of forestry.

For more information, or to obtain a registration form, contact Lindsay at 862-3923.

March 21, 2000

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