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Guide to UNH Resources Sent to N.H. Public Libraries

By Michelle Gregoire
UNH News Bureau

DURHAM, N.H. -- Just as the telephone directory's Yellow Pages provides an easy-to-use reference to commercial services, the UNH Blue Pages provides an easy-to-use reference to community services provided by the University of New Hampshire's academic departments, institutions and affiliated organizations.

The latest edition of UNH Blue Pages: Opening University Doors was recently distributed to 242 public libraries, the New Hampshire State Library and legislators, and Durham area residents, merchants and town officials. The 50-page booklet is a compendium of information about services available to individuals and municipalities. The following are just a few examples:

  • Dimond Library, with more than one million volumes, 6,500 periodical subscriptions, manuscripts and historical materials, also offers a state-of-the-art online catalog, Web-based electronic indices, and online connections to other major academic libraries such as those at Harvard and Dartmouth. The Dimond Library Government Documents Repository receives over 75 percent of the federal government's publications, including Supreme Court decisions, presidential speeches, congressional proceedings, maps, laws and statutes. Call 862-1534 or click on www.library.unh.edu.

  • If your club or civic organization needs to pep up its meetings, call the Speakers Bureau, which arranges for faculty members and university staff to speak free of charge to businesses, groups and schools. Speakers are available on more than 500 topics, ranging from rain forests to nutrition to the culture of China. Requests must be made a minimum of six weeks in advance. Call 862-0021 or click on www.unh.edu/ppe/Speakersbureau/index.htm.

  • The Nutritional Assessment and Counseling Service offers individual counseling for $5 per session, which includes a computer-generated diet analysis. Appointments can be arranged with senior nutrition students during the academic year. For information, call 862-2811.

  • Health-care support services provided by the Department of Kinesiology include the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (862-2028) and the Community Fitness Testing Program (862- 1830). Participants must be referred by their physician; fees range from $5 per session for the cardiac exercise program, to $10 for cholesterol testing, to $25-$60 for body composition analysis.

  • The Center for Family Business offers workshops for owners and mangers of family-owned businesses, as well as a leadership development program specifically designed for the next generation to run the family business. Call 862-1107.

  • Looking for a cheap night out? During the academic year, current movies and art films are screened at the theaters in the Memorial Union Building. Non-student admission is $4. For information, call 862-4YOU or click on www.unh.edu/mub/movies. Or call for the date of the next observatory tour and view the stars, planets and galaxies through the university's 14-inch reflective telescope. Admission is free; not suitable for pre-school children. Call 862-2669 or 862-1950.

  • The Active Retirement Association offers faculty lectures on foreign policy, philosophy, music and art, science and technology, travel reports and memoir writing, to name a few topics, and cultural tours to locations such as the Peabody Essex Museum, the Portland Symphony and the Saint-Gaudens Museum. Membership is open to anyone over 50 for an annual fee of $40. For information, call Ingeborg Brandt, 431-5509.

  • Elderpet provides pet visits to nursing homes, assists home-bound pet owners, and serves as a resource center to organizations that want to start similar programs. And during the fall and spring, low-cost pet grooming services are offered by Thompson School students on Wednesday afternoons. For more information on either service, call 862-1014.

  • The Thompson School Horticultural Facility is open during the summer, Tuesday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., and Monday and Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon. Plants, trees and shrubs are available for sale but vary with the season: call 862-1074.

  • Several outreach programs are available to industries and municipalities, including: the Office of Economic Initiatives, offering development planning strategies (624-2000); the Office of Executive Development, offering short-term intensive residential programs (862-1367); the Partnership for Technology and Management Training, offering a variety of public programs and seminars in management, safety and computer skills (862-4344); and the Environmental Research Group, offering assistance in drinking water treatment, site remediation, and waste utilization (862-2206).
  • Many more public services are provided by UNH. For a complete listing, ask for the UNH Blue Pages at your local library.

    June 16, 2000

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