UNH Summer Calendar 2000

By Michelle Gregoire
UNH News Bureau


Summer's a traditionally slow news time, so we offer our annual tipsheet of what's happening on campus during the months of June, July and August. The following conferences, workshops and institutes can offer great story ideas or lead to future stories. Contact names and/or numbers are provided, or call the News Bureau at 862-1460 for more information.

UNH Summer Calendar 2000

Through June 23
Student Orientation
-- Sessions for transfer and first-year students are scheduled. Most groups will include parents. For info on specific sessions, call 862-3488 or click on www.unh.edu/student/firstyear/.

Through Aug. 11
26th Annual Violin Craftsmanship Institute
-- This annual institute features 12 separate programs with internationally acclaimed craftspeople. Features instruction in violin construction, restoration and repair, bow making, wood technology and acoustics. Info: UNH Division of Continuing Education, 862-4234, www.learn.unh.edu/Summer/suminstit.html.

Through Aug. 18
GLOBE (Global Observations to Benefit the Environment) Teacher Training Workshops
-- Sessions throughout the summer will introduce grammar and high school teachers to the GLOBE learning activities, field data collection methods and other protocols to help their students take part in this environmental awareness program. Info: Mimi Becker, 862-3950, www.learn.unh.edu/Summer/suminstit.html.

Through Aug. 18
English as a Second Language Summer Institute
-- This institute is for individuals from foreign countries who wish to develop their English language skills and learn more about American culture. Info: 862-1495, www.learn.unh.edu/ESL.

Through Aug. 26
Marine Science Programs on the Isles of Shoals
-- The Shoals Marine Lab is a summer field station operated by UNH and Cornell University. Various courses -- from marine vertebrates to ecology of marine fishes -- will be offered through the summer. Info: 862-1023, www.learn.unh.edu/Summer/suminstit.html.

June 26-30, July 10-21, Aug. 14-18
Theatre Workshops for Youth
-- Workshops for students in grades 2 through 12; will include musical theatre, masks and puppets. Sponsored by the UNH Department of Theatre and TRY (Theatre Resources for Youth). Info: 862-0093.

June 26-July 21
Theatre and Dance Workshops for Teachers
-- Topics: Improvisation and Theatre Games, Technical Theatre, Directing a Musical with Elementary and Middle School Students, Accessible Classics Through Drama, and Puppetry and Creative Drama. Info: 2-2015, www.learn.unh.edu/Summer/suminstit.htm.

June 26-Aug. 9
Summer Mathematics Institute
-- Allows master of science for teachers candidates to complete their degree in three summers. Info: Deanna Mayne, Department of Mathematics, 862-1943, www.learn.unh.edu/Summer/suminstit.html.

June 26-Aug. 11
Live, Learn and Teach
-- A program for teachers and prospective teachers on how to design experiential and community-based curricula. Course will include four phases: Wilderness Week, Design Week, Summer Learning Practicum, and Synthesis and Reflection. Info: UNH Department of Education, 862-2310, www.learn.unh.edu/Summer/suminstit.html.

July 3-Aug. 4
Summer Studies in Composition and Literature
-- This summer program is for elementary, secondary and college teachers of composition and literature who want to improve their own writing, critical reading and teaching skills. Info: Susan Smith, 862-3963, www.learn.unh.edu/Summer/suminstit.html.

July 3-Aug. 4
New Hampshire Summer Institutes
-- Offered by the English Department, the institutes each focus on specific topics, including New Hampshire Writing Program; A Sense of Place: The Art of Nature Journaling; Writing and Technology. Info: Susan Smith, 862-3963, www.learn.unh.edu/Summer/suminstit.html.

July 5-22
Project SMART (Science and Mathematics Achievement through Research Training)
-- High school students with an interest in science and math participate in this annual summer institute, a four-week residential program. Students will focus on science, scientific thinking and problem solving. Info: UNH Professor Subhash Minocha, 862-2100, www.smart.unh.edu/.

July 20-24
Soccer Dimensions
-- A soccer camp for high school boys, aimed at improving skills. Info: Rob Thompson, 862-3211.

July 23-28, July 31-Aug. 12
Summer Youth Music School
-- Junior session July 23-28, senior session July 31- Aug. 12. Offers high school students a chance to make music together. Info: 862-2404, www.unh.edu/music/syms.

July 24-28
New England Animal Control/Humane Academy
-- For humane officers and others interested in learning the importance of animal care and control. Info: Jerilee Zezula, 862-1014.

July 25-28
International Conference on Family Violence Research
-- Held at the New England Center, this conference traditionally draws dozens of researchers from across the country and around the world. Hosted by the UNH Family Research Laboratory. Info: 862-1888.

Aug. 1-4, Aug. 7-11
Watershed Ecology
-- Offered by UNH Cooperative Extension, NH Fish and Game Department and the NH Audubon Society. This hands-on course provides educators, youth leaders and others with an understanding of watershed ecology by focusing on the Great Bay watershed. Info: Sandy Point Discovery Center, 778-0015.

June 12, 2000

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