Refurbished Equipment Marketplace (REM)

Refurbished Equipment Available for People with Disabilities

Concord Office a Partnership with ATECH Services and UNH

By Sharon Keeler
UNH News Bureau

CONCORD, N.H. -- Looking for refurbished equipment such as wheelchairs, communication devices, walkers or hospital beds? The Refurbished Equipment Marketplace (REM) in Concord is just the place to turn.

The REM is a division of ATECH (Alliance for Assistive Technology, Education, and Community Health) Services, a non-profit organization, in cooperation with the University of New Hampshire's Assistive Technology Partnership Project. It receives and refurbishes donated equipment for use at home, school, work and play.

Each year thousands of assistive technology devices are discarded and left to deteriorate in homes, basements, schools and local dumps, says Paul Luff, REM coordinator of sales and marketing.

"My goal is to put this program on the map," says Luff. "Anyone who needs assistive technology to participate in life ought to automatically think of the REM as a potential resource, not only for obtaining necessary equipment at a low cost, but also as a place to donate equipment that has been previously used."

Luff adds that individuals can make a tax deductible donation of equipment, or can sell their equipment, valued over $500, on consignment.

Additional services include:

  • One week loan of equipment for trial and evaluation
  • Equipment rental
  • Pictures of equipment e-mailed upon request o
  • Bi-monthly sales flyer on newly available refurbished equipment
  • Inventory list of all available equipment upon request
  • The REM warehouse is located at 84A Ironworks Road in Concord, and their equipment database can be viewed on the Internet at Items available for immediate purchase include canes, walkers, crutches, grab bars, raised toilet seats, wheelchair parts, battery charges and more.

    Other refurbished equipment available through the REM -- such as wheelchairs, communication devices, and adapted vehicles -- requires involvement of vendor staff who are qualified to assist in selecting the most appropriate equipment.

    For more information, call Paul Luff at the REM, at 1-800-427-3338 (NH only) or 603-224-7630.

    February 25, 2000

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