Tri-State Crime Is Target of New Consortium Led by UNH, Dept. of Justice


By Tracy Manforte
UNH News Bureau

CONCORD, N.H. -- A tri-state consortium for the study and prevention of crime will be unveiled during a press conference Monday, Oct. 18, at the New Hampshire Department of Justice.

N.H. Attorney General Phil McLaughlin and University of New Hampshire criminologist Ted Kirkpatrick will make the announcement at 1 p.m., in room 302 at 33 Capitol St., Concord. Governor Jeanne Shaheen also has been invited to attend.

Serving Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, "JusticeWorks: A Northern New England Consortium for the Study of the Prevention and Control of Crime" is based at the University of New Hampshire's Institute for Policy and Social Science Research. Under the direction of Kirkpatrick, JusticeWorks will tap the expertise of university professors, researchers, police, judges, corrections officials and others throughout the region to serve a three-part mission:

  • Provide timely and affordable evaluations of state and local programs aimed at minimizing crime and delinquency;

  • Provide useful and current information about crime and crime control strategies to planners, policy makers and those with an interest in the field of criminal justice;

  • Develop and provide new training opportunities in criminal justice to various audiences within the regional justice system, including victim advocates, school resource officers, and defense and prosecuting attorneys.

"The goal is to combine intellectual resources and practical knowledge to address crime and issues of crime and justice," says Kirkpatrick, adding that there will be particular emphasis on serious crime, as well as juvenile crime.

The northern New England focus was chosen because of the similarities among the states, he adds. Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire are predominantly rural areas with a few small cities. The states also share tourist-based economies.

Already, grant money has been secured for JusticeWorks projects, including a study of the use of information technology in law enforcement and an evaluation of pilot projects on delinquency control.

Another consortium initiative -- a website to be launched during the press conference -- is a collaboration with UNH Cooperative Extension, funded by the New Hampshire Department of Justice. The site (www.justiceworks.unh.edu) will post new research and successful model programs and will provide a link to ask questions. Much of the online material will be specific by county.

On Oct. 18, JusticeWorks will also release its debut copy of "Benchmarks and Blueprints," a series providing the latest survey data, research and practical information coming out of the consortium. The first issue will offer an analysis of the level of crime in northern New England. Primary audiences for the publication will include police, school teachers and administrators, legislators, justice officials and media outlets.

For more information about the press conference, contact Tracy Manforte (603-862-1567) at the UNH News Bureau, or Mark Thompson (603-271-3658) at the Attorney General's Office.

October 11, 1999

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