UNH Students Vie for Holloway Prize May 13, 2009
Media Contact:  Lori Wright
UNH Media Relations
May 11, 2009

DURHAM, N.H. - University of New Hampshire students from across campus will compete in the Whittemore School of Business and Economics Paul J. Holloway Prize Competition -- the oldest business plan competition in the state and one of the first in the nation - Wednesday, May 13, 2009.

Now in its 21st year, the Paul J. Holloway Championship Round will be held from 1 to 4:30 p.m. in the Squamscott Room of Holloway Commons on the Durham campus. A reception and awards ceremony will follow. The championship round is free and open to the public.

The competition is designed to stimulate entrepreneurship throughout the campus. Open to all UNH graduate and undergraduate students who have a proposal for bringing an innovative product or service to market, the competition helps students gain first-hand experience in commercializing new products and services, and provides access to faculty advisors and industry experts. The competition awards $26,500 in prize money.

Six teams will compete in this year's championship round. They are:

  • Adaptive Audio
    This new form of audio compression provides an inexpensive alternative to currently available digital audio formats. It is particularly innovative through its use of neural network techniques. The advantages to this new format are greatly enhanced sound quality and smaller file size. Students: Matthew Minuti, '09, electrical and computer engineering; Tyler Rideout, '09, electrical and computer engineering; Jason Lewis, '09, electrical and computer engineering. Faculty Advisor: Kent Chamberlin, professor of electrical and computer engineering.
  • Aeolian Springs
    Aeolian Spring is a water purification system that treats brackish ground water in a cost-effective manner. The system uses mechanical energy from natural resources such as the sun and wind to power a filtration device that continuously collects groundwater and naturally purifies it for agricultural and household uses. Students: Brianna Mills, '09, business; Katie Leonard, '09, business, entrepreneurial venture creation option; Tor Harris, '09, electrical and physical sciences. Faculty Advisor: Professor Jeff Sohl, professor of entrepreneurship and decision sciences, and director of the UNH Center for Venture Research.
  • ComposiMold
    ComposiMold is an innovative new product designed to enhance the mold making experience for a variety of end users from at-home crafters to artists and artisans. The reusable mold-making material derived from melting a safe, natural polymer is the easiest, most flexible molding system available: melt, pour and use. Students: Jason Norton, '09, business; Michelle Pirro,'09, business; Coleman Connolly, '09, business. Faculty Advisor: Howard Allen, lecturer, management.
  • Fourmedible
    Every year millions of cats are diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure, a potentially fatal kidney disease. The most commonly used technique for managing the disease is dietary phosphate restriction, but current methods of delivery are cumbersome and ineffective. Team Fourmedible proposes a phosphate binder in pill form to replace the inferior methods offered today. Student: Tina Dussault, executive MBA. Faculty Advisor: Juan Florin, visiting associate professor of management.
  • Vosont
    Vosont maintains an online database of copyright-protected music and contracts with universities to help them comply with the U.S. Higher Education Opportunity Act, which mandates that they provide an alternative to illegal downloads. Students at subscribing universities will have unlimited access to the database through a feature-rich online player. Student: Jay Agarwal, '09, engineering and physical sciences. Faculty Advisor: Tom Towle, lecturer, management.
  • Wireless Sensor Integrated Metal Cutting Tool Holder
    Smart tools are a unique combination of metal cutting tools and wireless sensors that enables real time monitoring during machining operations. The data from these tools enables customers to solve complex machining problems - manufacturing parts more quickly and safely with greater control. Student: Christopher Suprock, systems (Ph.D. program). Faculty Advisors: Robert Jerard, professor of mechanical engineering, and Barry Fussel, professor of mechanical engineering.

Established in 1988 by Holloway's family, the business plan competition is the first and oldest in the state. It honors the business leader's entrepreneurial spirit by stimulating and recognizing outstanding business plans. Holloway began his career in the automotive industry and starting in 1967, shaped a multi-franchise dealership emphasizing customer service and satisfaction. Holloway then extended his business skills to the development and management of eldercare facilities.

The 2009 Holloway Prize Competition judges are Joseph Faro, '02, president and founder, Joseph's Gourmet Pasta & Sauces; Paul J. McKeon Jr., president, BID2WIN; Craig Rydin, '71, chairman and chief executive officer, Yankee Candle Company; Alison Stebbins, regional general manager, Fidelity Investments; Thomas Steele, '05P, ངP, chairman of the board, A.D. Makepeace; and Mary Anne Waikart, assistant dean, Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business.

More information on the 21st Paul J. Holloway Prize Competition is available at http://wsbe.unh.edu/holloway-prize-championship-competition.

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