Experts Available to Discuss Impact of Hurricane Gustav
Media Contact:  Lori Wright
UNH Media Relations
August 30, 2008

DURHAM, N.H. – Several experts from the University of New Hampshire are available to discuss the impact of Hurricane Gustav, which is forecast to hit Louisiana as a major hurricane early next week.

Government Response
Mel Dubnick, professor of public administration, 617-803-6020 (cell)
Dubnick can address the effect of Hurricane Gustav on municipal services and discuss the federal, state and local response and accountability, including FEMA’s response, in comparison to what occurred with Hurricane Katrina.

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Mental Health Impact
Vicki Banyard, associate professor of psychology, 603-862-2869 (work) (available as of Sept. 2)
Banyard can discuss common responses and stresses of victims of traumatic experiences such as natural disasters. She has studied the resilience of trauma survivors and the role that community played in their recovery. She also has conducted studies on the stress and coping process among homeless families.

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Oil Spills/Groundwater Contamination
Nancy Kinner, director of the Coastal Response Research Center, UNH/NOAA joint, and professor of civil engineering., 603-862-1422 (office), 603-603-479-3777 (cell)
Kinner can discuss oil spills, soil and groundwater contamination, and bioremediation, a clean-up technology that uses naturally occurring microorganisms to degrade hazardous substances into less toxic or nontoxic compounds.

Presidential Election
Dante Scala, associate professor of political science, 603-540-4018 (cell)
Scala can discuss how the hurricane might affect the presidential election. The hurricane is forecast to hit Louisiana during the Republican National Convention.

Rebuilding New Orleans
Kurk Dorsey, associate professor of history, 603-862-3022 (office), 603-659-6289 (home)
Dorsey can discuss the history of New Orleans from an environmental standpoint as well as the decision to rebuild.


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