NH Scientists Receive $1.6 Million In Defense Grants
Media Contact:  Michelle Gregoire
April 2, 2008

DURHAM, N.H. -- The U.S. Department of Defense has announced its intention to award three research grants to New Hampshire scientists. The grants, totaling nearly $1.6 million, will fund separate three-year projects at the University of New Hampshire and Dartmouth College. Recipients are:

  • Joseph Klewicki, UNH professor of mechanical engineering and dean of the College of Engineering and Physical Science. His project, funded by the Office of Naval Research, will study physical phenomena associated with rough-wall turbulent boundary layer flows which can critically affect the performance of vehicles such as submarines and transport aircraft.
  • Laura Ray, associate professor at Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering. Her project, funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, will employ wireless sensor networks to develop and test a theory that could improve the interpretation of sound by humans in remote or battlefield environments.
  • Eugene Santos, Jr., professor at Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering, and Joseph Rosen, professor of surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Their project, funded by the Office of Naval Research, will develop advanced cognitive-based communication protocol for medical teams to improve decision making and problem solving in trauma environments.

The grants were awarded March 26 under the fiscal 2008 Defense Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (DEPSCoR), which released a total of $15.7 million to academic institutions in 18 states. EPSCoR is a federal opportunity for rural and historically under-funded states to improve their ability to receive federal grants.

Since New Hampshire became an EPSCoR state in 2004, more than $14 million in grants have been awarded to universities, colleges, or industrial firms by the National Science Foundation, the departments of defense and energy, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

“EPSCoR helps states invest in the infrastructure that will support future research and development, in the private sector as well as in our university labs,” said Robert Dalton, state director of the New Hampshire EPSCoR program.

“EPSCoR is a catalyst for partnerships between academia, industry and government. These most recent DEPSCoR grants are leveraged by matching funds by UNH, Dartmouth, and a small company, raising the combined value to $2.4 million,” said Dalton.

The research projects funded by the grants will support six graduate students and several undergraduate internships.

Martin Wybourne, vice provost for research at Dartmouth College, said, “Securing these DEPSCoR awards demonstrates the strength and importance of the research being carried out at both Dartmouth and UNH. Student support that is part of these awards will provide valuable opportunities to help develop the next generation of scientists in topics of considerable national interest.”

More information is available on the NH EPSCoR website (www.epscor.unh.edu) regarding participating federal agencies, and the New Hampshire Innovation Research Center which funds Research and Commercialization Partnerships with state and EPSCoR dollars.

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