ZS Genetics and the University of New Hampshire Sign Long-Term Development Contract
Contact:  Thomas D. Abert
ZS Genetics, Inc.

Michelle Gregoire
University of New Hampshire Office for Research Partnerships and Commercialization
September 7, 2007

DURHAM, N.H. – ZS Genetics, Inc. and the University of New Hampshire have signed a long-term contract for technology development in genetic analysis.

ZS Genetics and the Hubbard Center for Genome Studies at UNH bring their development relationship to a new level with the signing of a three-year contract. This agreement supports the development of technology and intellectual property for ZS Genetics’ radically different genetic analysis technology. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Dr. Kelley Thomas, Hubbard Chair and co-director of the Hubbard Center, said, “We are very pleased to be working with a company at the cutting edge of genetic analysis technology. It is exciting work to be part of an effort that has the potential to revolutionize genetic sequencing, expression read lengths and gene analysis in general.”

William R. Glover, III, president of ZS Genetics, said, “The Hubbard Center and UNH have been very helpful, it is truly a pleasure to work with such a great team. The accomplishments we have made speak to the center’s commitment to promote the development of the biotechnology industry in the region and support of the university’s commitment to partnerships for technology-based economic development.”

About ZS Genetics

ZS Genetics, Inc. is developing a technology platform for directly creating detailed images of individual DNA or RNA molecules. Applications for ZSG’s radically-different technology platform have been identified in the Expression, Sequencing and Diagnostics markets. ZS Genetics’ technology shows the promise of sequencing whole genomes in days instead of months, for thousands of dollars instead of millions. Applied to Gene Expression, the ZSG technology is expected to offer scientists the ability to measure the activity of hundreds to thousands of genes in a single-cell, with single-molecule sensitivity.

About the UNH ubbard Center for Genome Studies

Established in 2001 to lead the development of genomics research at UNH, the Hubbard Center for Genome Studies is a leader in comparative and environmental genomics, with a special emphasis on novel model species. The center plays a leading role in education and training in genetics through a seminar series, short courses, lab rotations for graduate students and the distribution of protocols. It is housed at the University of New Hampshire, New Hampshire’s flagship public university.

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