Is July 7, 2007, Your Lucky Day?
Religion Expert Available to Discuss Biblical Significance of the Number 7
Contact:  Lori Wright
UNH Media Relations
June 13, 2007

DURHAM, N.H. – Brides across the United States are targeting one particular day in 2007 for their wedding day – July 7 – believing that the 777 combination will give them an extra dose of marital luck.

Brides point to the Bible when discussing why they want to get married July 7, 2007. According to David Frankfurter, professor of religious studies and history at the University of New Hampshire, the number seven plays a significant role in the Bible, while other significant numbers play a special role in how we think about luck and fate today.

Frankfurter is available to discuss why the number seven is significant biblically as well as other “perfect” numbers considered important in the Bible. He can be reached at and 603-862-3015.

“In our modern American society we have a tendency to look for magical ways to control the world or fate, so numerology is especially important for us,” Frankfurter says.

“In the Bible, numerology provided a very simple and clear way to indicate perfection. The seven-ness of the angels, trumpets and bowls in Revelation expresses the heavenly perfection behind all the fire and brimstone occurring on earth, as much as the seven days of creation indicate the perfection of the world around us. In the time of the finalization of the Jewish Bible, the seven vowels of the Greek alphabet became also linked to these Jewish concepts of perfection. So the ‘superstitions’ around seven are all good ones,” he says.

“There are other ‘perfect’ numbers in the Bible: 12 and four. In fact, the perfection of four, symbolized in the image of God's throne-chariot in the first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel, contributed historically to the choice of four gospels for the New Testament canon -- that is, out of all the gospels that were written back then, we have four instead of two, three, or five,” Frankfurter says.

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