Grants Available For Industry-University Partnerships
Contact:  Michelle Gregoire
Office for Research Partnerships and Commercialization
New Hampshire Industrial Research Center
January 25, 2007

DURHAM, N.H. -- In industrial research and development, a little money sometimes can go a long way, especially when it brings together experts with specialized knowledge and equipment to solve a design or manufacturing problem.

The New Hampshire Industrial Research Center (NHIRC) supports short-term collaborations between New Hampshire companies and the engineers and scientists at the University of New Hampshire, Dartmouth College and other academic institutions.

These projects are funded by the Granite State Technology Innovation Grant. A new request for proposals was issued Jan. 25 and can be downloaded from the NHIRC website ( Letters of intent are due March 15, 2007.

“Some of these projects tackle a technical problem the company has defined that may be standing in the way of product development, while others are focused on trying to improve existing products, or design and test a new product,” says Robert Dalton, NHIRC director. “The overall objective of these grants is to help New Hampshire companies retain or create high-quality jobs in scientific and technology-based fields, improve their profitability and contribute to the state’s economy.”

The Granite State Technology Innovation Grant is a competitive process and applications are reviewed for scientific merit and commercial feasibility. While projects may be proposed in any discipline, applications are particularly encouraged in the following areas: bioinformatics, computational tools, environmental technologies, geospatial analysis, information technology, materials science, medical technologies, nanotechnology, optics, precision engineering, robotics, sensors.

The New Hampshire Industrial Research Center was established by the state legislature in 1991. It has awarded more than $4 million, in 150 grants, to 103 companies. State funds are matched 1:1 by company contributions of cash, staff time, equipment, supplies or services. The NHIRC is administered by the UNH Office for Research Partnerships and Commercialization.

Grants awarded in 2006 included the following:

  • Cubic Wafer of Merrimack, and Dale Barkey, professor of chemical engineering, UNH
  • Applied Geosolutions LLC of Durham, and Alex Prusevich, research scientist, and Bobby Braswell, research assistant professor, Complex Systems Research Center, UNH
  • IXXAT, Inc. of Bedford, and John LaCourse, professor of electrical and computer engineering, UNH
  • Xemed LLC of Durham and William Hersman, professor of physics, UNH
  • White Mountain Pharma, Inc. of Portsmouth and Hillary White, research associate professor of microbiology and immunology, Dartmouth College
  • Warwick Mills of New Ipswich and P. Jack Hoopes, DVM, associate professor of surgery and medicine, Dartmouth College
  • Spin Analytical, Inc. of Durham and Thomas Laue, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, UNH
  • MBP, Bioenergy LLC of North Conway and Ihab Farag, professor of chemical engineering, UNH
  • BioSignetics Corp. of Exeter and Alan Storrow, MD, associate professor of emergency medicine, Vanderbilt University