Campus Alert Lifted; Police Determine Bomb Threat Email Was A Hoax
Contact:  Kim Billings
University Spokesperson
August 27, 2007

DURHAM, N.H. -- University of New Hampshire Police issued an all-clear shortly after noon today after determining that a bomb threat emailed to the UNH admissions office was a hoax. Police are continuing the investigation to identify the person who sent the email.

The anonymous email was received Monday morning by the Office of Admissions at UNH, alleging that there was a bomb in Grant House, where admissions is located. UNH Police, the New Hampshire State Police and a bomb-sniffing dog found no evidence of a bomb.

The anonymous email also indicated another bomb existed in a blue backpack in an undisclosed location, but after a campus-wide search, nothing was found, according to Paul Dean, UNH deputy police chief.

A campus-wide email was sent to all faculty, students and staff when officials learned of the threat, followed by an all-clear email shortly after noon. Information was also posted on the UNH homepage.

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