UNH Sponsors Permaculture Course May 27 - June 11
Offers Certification, Credit for Study of Sustainable Form of Agriculture
Contact:  Marge Joy
College of Life Sciences and Agriculture
May 26, 2006

Editors: Reporters and photographers are welcome to attend any of the course sessions. For a complete itinerary, contact Marge Joy at 603-862-1453 or marge.joy@unh.edu.

DURHAM, N.H. -- During the next two weeks, 23 students – undergraduate and graduate students, landscape and agriculture professionals, and curious gardeners – will immerse themselves in permaculture in a course offered by the University of New Hampshire’s College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA). The course on permaculture, a design system that stresses productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems, builds upon UNH’s significant commitment to sustainability and sustainable agriculture.

“Permaculture is an extension of the sustainable education programs we have been working on between UNH Cooperative Extension and the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture for the past five years, first with the organic garden and the organic gardening classes, then the organic dairy, our environmentally friendly farm experimentation at the UNH Woodman farm, and the waste vegetable oil to bio-diesel conversion system that is underway,” says William Trumble, dean of COLSA. “The permaculture design certification course was a logical next step in this direction.”

Offered for the first time last year as one of the first university courses in permaculture, the course comprises 100 hours of instruction on soils, site location, and landscape design. Participants can take the course for UNH credit or can receive Permaculture Design Certification.

Among the highlights of this year’s curriculum:

· Biological, mechanical and chemical soil rehabilitation; worm farming; composting (May 28)

· Four-season gardening; pests and pollination (May 29)

· Water storage and conservation; aquaculture (May 30)

· Timber forestry; forest gardens (June 1)

· Alternative energy (June 4, 5)

· Where does our food come from? Truth in labeling, organics (June 6)

· Working with clients (June 7)

Julia and Charles Yelton, who run Humustacia Permaculture Gardens in Whitefield, Maine, are instructors for the course, which meets daily at the UNH Organic Gardening Club’s shed at the edge of the Durham campus. The Organic Gardening Club and the UNH chapter of Students Without Borders were instrumental in bringing the course to UNH.