New Hampshire Rainfall Records Continue To Fall
Contact:  Lori Wright
UNH Media Relations
May 16, 2006

DURHAM, N.H. -- The rainstorm that has affected southern and central New Hampshire since Friday continues to break state rainfall records, according to New Hampshire State Climatologist David Brown at the University of New Hampshire.

Towns on the New Hampshire Seacoast have received nearly a foot of rain since May 12, and more than a foot since May 1. Just half way through the month, Manchester already has broke its all-time monthly record of 10.21 inches of rain set in June 1998, and Portsmouth is close to its all-time monthly record of 15.82 inches of rain set in October 1996.

LocationMay 12-15, 2006Old 4-day May RecordAll-time 4-day Record
Concord8.31”5.68” (May 28-31, 1984)7.30” (Mar 3-7, 1937)
Durham10.73”6.98” (May 15-18, 1916)9.84” (Oct 19-22, 1996)
Manchester8.67”3.93” (May 28-31, 1940)7.88” (Oct 6-9, 1887)
Nashua6.81”5.15” (May 25-28, 1906)8.26” (Oct 6-8, 1962)
Portsmouth11.73”5.57” (May 29-June 1, 1984)*13.39” (Oct 19-22, 1996)*

* recorded at Greenland, NH

LocationRainfall through May 15Old May RecordAll-time Monthly Record
Concord9.88”9.52” (1984)14.57” (October 2005)
Durham12.19”12.00” (1954)13.92” (October 2005)
Manchester10.75”9.46” (1984)10.21” (June 1998)
Nashua8.50”9.34” (1954)14.79” (October 2005)
Portsmouth15.71”9.51” (1984)*15.82” (October 1996)*

* recorded at Greenland, NH

Brown, an assistant professor of geography at UNH, is recognized as the New Hampshire State Climatologist by the American Association of State Climatologists and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He can be reached at (603) 862-7052 or