Historic Weekend Storm Shatters New Hampshire Rainfall Records
Contact:  Lori Wright
UNH Media Relations
May 15, 2006

DURHAM, N.H. -- The weekend rainstorm that has pounded southern and central New Hampshire has left several precipitation records in its wake, according to New Hampshire State Climatologist David Brown at the University of New Hampshire.

“With rain still falling in many areas, the storm that began Friday, May 12, 2006, is already unofficially responsible for new all-time, three-day precipitation records in Concord and Manchester. In addition, three-day rainfall records for the month of May were set in Durham, Nashua, and Portsmouth,” Brown says.

LocationMay 12-14, 2006Old 3-day May RecordAll-time 3-day Record
Concord7.64”5.24” (May 29-31, 1984)7.30” (Mar 4-6, 1937)
Durham8.77”6.88” (May 16-18, 1918)9.84” (Oct 20-22, 1996)
Manchester8.36”3.21” (May 8-10, 1954)7.39” (Oct 6-8, 1962)
Nashua6.62”4.65” (May 27-29, 1906)8.22” (Oct 6-8, 1962)
Portsmouth8.97”4.95” (May 29-31, 1984)*13.19” (Oct 20-22, 1996)*

* recorded at Greenland, NH

The storm also produced all-time record rainfall amounts for the dates of May 13 and 14.

LocationMay 13May 14Old May 13 RecordOld May 14 Record
Concord5.12”2.43”1.44” (2002)1.62” (1937)
Durham4.85”3.63”1.25” (1960)1.17” (2002)
Manchester4.61”3.60”0.87” (1914)1.04” (1937)
Nashua3.67”2.81”1.07” (1914)1.20” (1971)
Portsmouth3.71”5.10”1.21” (2002)* 1.08” (2002)*

* recorded at Greenland, NH

The heavy rains have pushed the total precipitation accumulation for May 2006 toward record levels. Already Durham, Manchester, and Portsmouth have set new all-time May precipitation records after just 14 days.

“With additional rain possible this week, other climate records, such as all-time monthly rainfall and number of consecutive days with measurable precipitation, are also in jeopardy in many locations,” Brown says.

LocationRainfall through May 14May RecordAll-time Monthly Record
Concord9.21”9.52” (1984)14.57” (October 2005)
Durham12.19”12.00” (1954)13.92” (October 2005)
Manchester10.44”9.46” (1984)10.21” (June 1998)
Nashua8.31”9.34” (1954)14.79” (October 2005)
Portsmouth11.07”9.51” (1984)*15.82” (October 1996)*

* recorded at Greenland, NH

Brown is recognized as the New Hampshire State Climatologist by the American Association of State Climatologists and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He can be reached at (603) 862-7052 or david.brown@unh.edu.