Enterprise Rent-A-Car To Offer Hybrids In UNH-Durham Rental Fleet
December 12, 2006

Updated April 2010: Enterprise no longer operates on the UNH campus.
For more information, or to reserve a car, go to www.enterprise.com.

DURHAM, N.H. -- The University of New Hampshire (UNH) community got an early holiday present recently: this month, Enterprise Rent-A-Car will add two hybrid vehicles to its passenger vehicle rental pool at the UNH Durham campus.

UNH and Enterprise signed a voluntary pilot project agreement to offer Honda Civic gas-electric hybrids in the Durham rental fleet beginning Dec. 11. These vehicles – which will save UNH renters money spent on fuel as well as greenhouse gas emissions – will be available for a $5 daily or $20/weekly surcharge over similar gas vehicles.

“Traveling more than 125 miles in a day will recoup the surcharge and lead to cost savings for the renter and UNH,” said Stephen Pesci, a project director in UNH Campus Planning and lead planner with Enterprise on this pilot project. “The 2006 hybrid Civic is categorized in the highest classification for fuel efficiency and low emissions.”

“We would like to encourage the UNH community to select these new hybrids over other vehicles for their rental needs,” said Richard Cannon, UNH vice president of finance and administration. “We are grateful to Enterprise Rent-A-Car for their willingness to implement this initiative on our campus and their commitment to offering fuel-efficient, low-emission vehicles to our community.”

Enterprise Rent-A-Car regional vice president Ray Moss said, “We are excited to add these vehicles to our Durham fleet. We have had a lot of interest in alternative fuel vehicles and believe they will be well received. If demand for these is as great as we expect, we will add more to our Durham location. We look forward to helping the university reach its goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

In addition, Enterprise will move towards selection of United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified Smart-Way™ vehicles as it renews the UNH rental pool fleet. Smart WayTM vehicles are designated by the EPA for high fuel efficiency and low emissions in their vehicle class.

This voluntary pilot project was developed as part of UNH’s Climate Education Initiative, the ongoing climate and energy efforts of the UNH Energy Task Force, and the university’s overall commitment to being a climate protection campus and a sustainable public university. UNH’s ongoing Clean Fleet vehicle programs promote the selection and use of more fuel-efficient and lower-emission vehicles. Previous efforts in the Clean Fleet program include the introduction of alternative and clean fuel compressed natural gas (CNG), biodiesel, electric and gas-electric hybrid vehicles into the UNH fleet.

“Enterprise Rent-A-Car will be continuing to expand its collaborations with the UNH Clean Fleet program,” said John Aber, UNH vice president for research and chair of the UNH Energy Task Force. “We welcome their initiative and leadership as part of UNH’s overall commitment to being a climate protection campus and a sustainable public university.”

For more information, visit www.unh.edu/etf. To rent a hybrid, contact the Durham Enterprise Rent-A-Car at 603-862-3228.


Contact:  Beth Potier
UNH Media Relations

For more information, contact Stephen Pesci, UNH Campus Planning, 603-862-4207 or spesci@unh.edu or Ray Moss, Enterprise Rent-A-Car regional vice president, 603-656-5105.