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Home | Archive | Subscribe/Unsubscribe Contact February 11, 2009

Mark Rubinstein To Lead New Advancement Effort
The UNH Foundation and the Alumni Association will join forces under the direction of Mark Rubinstein, vice president for student and academic services, to better promote a "culture of philanthropy at UNH."

Phishing and Vishing Cautions
CIS advises against giving your password, date of birth, social security number or any other personal data to anyone whose request for it is unsolicited.

Prized Horse on the Mend
One of the Equine Center's most popular horses is recovering from surgery after being sidelined by a rare form of colic.

University Museum Presents Student Art Show
The newest exhibit at the University Museum opens this month showcasing the artwork done by students from other majors. Don't miss the reception, Feb. 16 at 5 p.m.

Pettee Medal Presented to Entrepreneur Peter Paul

Excellence in International Engagement

Nearly Three-Quarters of NH Men Are Victims of Sexual or Physical Violence

Workplace Survey Coming Feb. 16

A Look at a Typical Winter Weekend for UNH Athletics

Faculty Senate Minutes Summary January 26, 2009

PAT Council Update

Making News

Popular Mechanics: Arctic Waters Preparedness: Global Warming Invites Danger and Fleets Worldwide Aren't Ready

The CRRC, a collaboration between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of New Hampshire, released a full report (pdf) last month that analyzes five theoretical maritime disasters in the Arctic and how rescuers would respond to them.