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Letters to the Editor

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I would like to express my disappointment that the Campus Journal no longer covers news from the staff councils. Over the past year or more I have been increasingly frustrated getting timely, independent information about these meetings.

When there was a print Journal I felt I was able to keep up with campus developments – not just staff issues but all the news of campus-wide interest. Now I find myself clicking between tiny headlines to articles that I can read in the newspaper or on the Media Services website.

When I think to look at the PAT Council site the minutes are already stale and sometimes incoherent. And, while I used to read the OS Council articles with interest, now I hardly ever take the time to look at their website.

In addition, I miss the portability and legibility of the print version, although I understand the financial imperatives. You could read the print Journal on the bus or waiting for a meeting to begin. Now, I have to view the online version at my desk.

I really miss relatively objective, timely news about staff concerns such as appeared in the print Journal. Please, start covering the meetings of the staff councils again. Don’t ignore two-thirds of the employee community.

Don Gordon
PAT staff

Your Silence Will Not Protect You

To the Editor,

Our colleague, Professor Kathy Miriam, was recently the target of hate from a student. Written in large letters in a copy of the course textbook, the unidentified student’s rant begin “I f-----g hate lesbians . . .” and continued in that vein. Professor Miriam has always been quite open with her students that she is a lesbian. Although it is possible that the hateful thoughts were not intended to be conveyed to Professor Miriam, the textbook was placed where it was likely that she would find it. It is reasonable to think that the speech was directed against Professor Miriam.

Professor Miriam handled this with courage and thoughtfulness in addressing the matter in her classes afterwards; however, this does not mean that she, her students, and the university community were not harmed by it. It is frightening to be the object of such hatred and disgust. It is unjust that anyone should be the object of such vile homophobia. The injustice is only compounded when it is directed against someone so dedicated to her students, and who loves teaching and exploring philosophy as a vehicle for helping her students find greater freedom and self-acceptance. We are in the process of discussing these issues with our students in various venues, but we also wanted to make our views known to the wider campus community.

We would like our students and other members of the university to know that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with members of the lesbian, gay, and transgendered community against such sentiments, and will not be intimidated. If your fellow students express hatred or contempt for other people on the basis of their race, gender, or gender-orientation—either privately to you or in public—we hope that you will confront them and let them know where you stand. We ask you to imagine how you would feel if you were teaching a course and came across such contemptuous and menacing language seemingly aimed at you. Furthermore, we hope that those of you who find yourselves subject to such attacks will find the courage to speak out against them for, in the words of Audre Lorde, your silence will not protect you.

The Department of Philosophy

Jennifer Armstrong
Drew Christie
Willem deVries
Val Dusek
David Hiley
Paul McNamara
Kathy Miriam
Ruth Sample
Robert Scharff
Nick Smith
Timm Triplett
Duane Whittier
Charlotte Witt



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