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Trimble PictureNNHN is designed to provide broadband connectivity that is symmetrical and capable of delivering current and next generation services that are comparable to the rest of the country. The end result will enable many social service, non-profit and commercial organizations to receive reliable service without having to pay for expensive copper-based connections.


NNHN will alter the current reality for many areas of the state that prevent New Hampshire from being competitive and that impinge on our ability to attract potential businesses and investment.


NH will benefit from expanded broadband access through real-world examples such as:


  • Medical establishments throughout the state will be able to send x-rays through the medical network to tertiary hospitals outside of local rural access hospitals;
  • Rural residents could benefit from quicker responses in the event of fires, disasters, and personal injury because of an increase in communications and safety technology;
  • Businesses with next generation technologies could increase profits by connecting to those on a more global scale. In addition, they will not lose access to important emails from customers because the telephony system is down;
  • Students working on a doctoral thesis will have access to the latest research in any area of New Hampshire;
  • Visitors to our lakes and mountains will always have access to the Internet, no matter where they are staying. This helps them keep in touch with family and friends. Sharing photos and videos from tourist destinations invites others to visit the natural beauty of this great state.




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