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The video below outlines the results of our project:

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Our Final Newsletter highlights the successes from this project



This exciting project will ensure that residents of ten counties in New Hampshire will be able to plug into a powerful future with internet connectivity. Network New Hampshire Now was funded by $44.5 million in economic stimulus money and matched with $22 million in private and in-kind funding.

The Network New Hampshire Now project consists of three major components:

  1. Middle-mile fiber backbone project

  2. Last mile fiber to the premises project

  3. Closed middle-mile public safety microwave network

NNHN is a comprised of private and public entities throughout New Hampshire. Grant management and administration is through the University of New Hampshire, under the oversight of the UNH Office of Sponsored Research and according to NTIA guidelines.



Click here to find out how to get on to a tower.


More information about our sister site, the Broadband Mapping and Planning and Planning Program, can be found here.

Keynote Speech

Click here to watch Network New Hampshire Now's Scott Valcourt present the keynote speech at the NHTelecom Summit.



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